Adding Perks to Uniques

Can anyone explain how to do this please @CaptainMorgan - the announcement said

Forging Unique Items

Up until now, you could Forge a Unique Item once per Ascension [

]( “Enlarge image”)Level in order to bring it to the maximum possible strength for your level. This has not changed. However, just as you can now increase the number of Perks on normal items, you can also increase the number of Perks on your Unique Items.

Dismantling a Silver- or Gold-Star item to Forge a Unique Item will add additional Perks from the item you dismantled, allowing you to have up to 4 stats on any Unique Item. Doing this will also raise it to the maximum power for your Ascension Level.

But when I try to go to forge the unique I just get the message (as usual) that a 5* Titan is needed?  What am I missing


Probably need for forging 5 * Titan, which already has a perk

@MarcusozInception as ZuZuu mentioned, the item still needs to be a Titan, 5-Star item, but in order to add 1 Perk, it needs to be a 5-Silver-Star item. For 2 Perks it needs to be a 5-Gold-Star item.

Using 2 5-Silver-Star items will also add 1 Perk each time, and is another way to get both Perks added.

Thanks @ZuZuu - and @CaptainMorgan - the text in the announcement only mentions a Silver (=3 perks) and Gold (4 perks) and not the requirement for it to be 5* too - but I can understand why

Did you consider allowing a unique to function as a silver or gold star item to add high-quality perks to a normal forged item? It would be a great use for duplicate uniques.