Additional Equipment Slot

Would like to see an additional equipment slot for the heroes who do not have shields. The heroes who have shields get the advantage of an extra equipment slot and additional boosts

For the dual swordsmen (Hercules, Odysseus, Ariadne) you can add an additional weapon slot. The damage of the weapons might need to be reduced if added to keep from being op or it can switch off between each weapons damage when striking

For Jason and Prometheus, I don’t really know… Any ideas?

What are your thoughts on this? Are the stats and hero attributes enough to make up for not having an extra slot?


The shield slot is actually intended to be a hero-specific perk which is as powerful as the other bonuses, as you can see from those heroes being classified as “Shield Bearers” in their stats.

We agree that heroes who use shields currently have an advantage over most heroes who don’t. This is why we are planning to make heroes who cannot use shields a bit stronger by rebalancing their stat bonuses to make up for the lack of a shield. There are currently no plans to add any new item slots.

I always thought these dual swordmen heroes would benefit twice from the weapon bonus. For example, does the healing on Ariane’s double swords work twice as much as with single swords heroes?


I find the heroes quite well balanced so far, as long as they’re not played automatically. When played automatically, the weakest heroes in defense (Ariane & Odysseus) are not efficient because they just rush and tank even though they would be better at fighting behind tanking troops.

I wish there were 2 auto mode options, 1 would command the hero to rush, the other one to stand behind troops. :slight_smile:


No, they don’t benefit twice from the weapon bonus or any other stats.

Howdy Chris,

having two weapons slots can be a hero specific perk also ? But I get what your saying. Was just an idea

just a small boost is all that’s needed, I don’t want to make defense any easier or be able to take on a 103 with Hercules. I could argue that Jason doesn’t need any boosts either, he’s solid as is in my opinion

would like more heroes maybe in future, maybe a ranged (bow and arrow) one ?

Thanks for your opinion and ideas!

We are not planning to do anything drastic, just some small adjustments so that some of the heroes are more viable. And as you mentioned, Jason is already pretty strong even though he does not have a shield.