Additional info to provide info about overall daily donation

Hello. Since Alliance is important part of the game and to keep it with a good rating in leaders board ( especially if no money donate involved ) need to know overall donation of whole guild. In order to understand what elite boost to use and have money to be leveled up! By going through everybody in the guild and checking their donation can be really overwhelming.

To the point: please add  additional info containing the information of how much overall daily donation Alliance currently has.

I believe it would be super helpful info and would be glad if people who think it is must will support in order to make it life. 

P.s sorry for silly topic name, don’t know how to change =))

I’m waiting for this thing for few months, i hope they will add it…

That’s sad, it’s not really hard to implement it . Guess this would not be done  :slightly_frowning_face: