Additional New units only for defence

I believe the time has come where rr2 needs to balance the offence and defence.

right now offence is a clear winner.

balancing, please don’t put new levels of everything.

why don’t you (FG) introduce only special defence units. In this way you introduce something new. Also a player can have additional options in choosing his wave units.


Right now defens is weak reason Insta Knights right? Enjoy this few days with insta Knights. 


Few weeks ago Flare put New levels for the Defens. Right now Def is weak yes this is True because insta knight.

We’re not taking in count knights, everyone knows already that those insta-dudes are OP. Even without that special boost defense seems to be weak.




Hello Guys,

Let me remind you about the point your are missing in here.

All of the forum’s mid level players and alliance were barking at the version 2.2.0 that the war match making is pointless…

As for now even the Flare has not able to make you understand about which they themself don’t know.

So, to balance the war they gave us one of their ultimate war bosster.

More coming soon…

It’s always tilted one way or the other, but primarily offense if not reverse.

you feel bad that you invest so much in defence and it’s made a big joke by a offense boost.

and then they give a tower boost that you may not use regularly and are not prepared for it.


Those towers are useless… That’s why flare did this… Bcs they want each n every tower must be in use… Otherwise it is valueless tower ? right now Arrow tower is useless, do something to it…

and paladin is useless too…

I have a really great idea for a new unit.

Unit: Gandalf

Special ability: None shall pass

Basicly if you use gandalf in your waves he will stand and block the entire lane and you can’t attack him. You can only click him and get option to pay 100 gems for him to go away. 

It would be really fun and mix thinge up for a more challenging and fun raid I think.

How about some Insta troops on defense? Some towers already have this via boost (ie gargoyle and frost towers). But, allowing Insta troop donations which we can assign to any tower or the gate should help to address the situation.

Just imagine knocking down a high level skull or lightning tower just to have 3 ogres pop out and slam their hammers down. Or as the gate reached half way down, 20 gargoyles pop out. Insta defense!

The Insta defense shouldn’t last for just one raid either, but rather for all for approximately 2 hours per use with some sort of cool down.

This morning I enjoyed watching how my friends castle was destroyed by enemies using the replay feature in clash of clans.

One of the biggest gaps in the defense is that we are totally blind. We do not really know how our defences are breached. Please do something about this!!!


This is what good alliances are for. They can test your defenses for you and tell you what’s wrong with them; and if they are a very nice guild, they might even record videos of their raids and send them to you. Also, check out videos like these by @oPelle



If you are one of the top 3 players in your alliance, which unfortunately I am, you are probably getting hammered by even those players who could only dream of destroying your base. I see the leaderboard and most of the players including top players have 400 trophies less.


Enjoy this bashing you unskilled players. I know you are getting hammered by noobs too.  :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Something I thought would be fun for defense is if you could place your King somewhere on your keep’s defensive path (or maybe just in one of the waves).  The King could have his real stats, real gear, etc.  It would basically be the boss for any particular raid - maybe even dropping some loot when killed (randomly generated, not his real stuff).  This would add some real difficulty to defense and it would personalize it as well.  

Killing the King/Hero means battle won. It would be senseless to put the hero in the defense.

Not necessarily, but I still don’t like the idea of the king defending.

All in all, there should be special defensive units that you cannot take to battle ( offensive).

It could be drawfs, dragons, monsters anything, but they should be only for defence.

I would love marklars in defense

Can you please explain what are those and their special features?

Maybe this:


Maybe Flare can introduce a mechanical unit ‘Rock’ which is extremely huge and slow inflicting blunt damage. It would occupy the whole path and do blunt damage on troops trying to push ahead. It’s weakness would be Frost & Blunt damage. Resistance : Fire & Piercing. Morale : 8. It should be designed in a way that its only useful for defense & not offense like gargoyles.