Additional war

During long breaks between wars, add feature, war on demand.

Option one: alliances wishing to participate, leave your request on the type of war. After the deadline, all as usual. Selection of alliances by rank.
Option two: Alliances create a room, choose the type of war, establishes requirements for others. The rest alliances choose from options in what room to join. As the room is filled, preparation begins and then the war.

Sorry for my English

A nice idea, this game badly needs additional things to keep people interested - with sparse wars and oddessy, it gets dull quick.   There needs to be ’ in league’ events/competitions to keep the interest in the down time

I think at the very least it would be nice to have a longer odyssey on the weeks off from war, like a 6 day odyssey, so that players can do more resource-intensive adventures if they choose to.

Odisey will not replace real-time battles against real players. The war makes us think, anticipate. War a passion, emotions, sometimes even an adrenaline rush ). Sorry for my English)

They’re two different things. I think the 2 on 1 off schedule worked pretty well for the old system because war had gotten so stale. It’s nice to have a week off every once in a while to help re-organize alliances, though.

I don’t know what can be reorganized 11 days. The players leave, the new ones do not stay. For 11 days of downtime can leave more.

Everything we do. Improve units, build defenses, improve strength, forge things. All this for the war, to be better than last time.

WHy are players leaving your alliance? It’s not like theres war going on in another alliance.

Players leave the game. In search of players for the Alliance, I am increasingly faced with inactive players. And many of them have a high level.

that’s always been the case.

There’s been a lot more lately.

It might seem that way, but I bet it’s not true. 

If there was so much to do in game rather than wait 6 days for a build, with no point forging, my guess is we wouldn’t be here talking.

Hi @ZuZuu as per my understanding from the above, alliances create war rooms and other alliances need to select the war room as per their interest, in this case, then stronger alliances will always join the weak/moderate alliances room and have their way with it… Already, that is what happening with war mismatch… 

As per 1: Everybody in same alliances has the different ideas, so I am not sure if this is even remotely possible across alliances…  The dev’s are having a great problem at their hand in normalizing already what they have… If they add new features like this, surely, whats scrap left would also be gone…

Surely, there’d be fun on the corner with so many new bugs.

True… With each increasing level, the time seems to be increased substantially. At my level, each level for the tower upgrades are like 6days… With all my workers engaged and no-point in forging either, I am sitting duck attacking the enemy in the islands… And more to say, when they have all known blessings in the game, I am left in an ironical situation…