Adjust game features to make the game available to weak mobiles

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this idea came to me when facebook and facebook messenger created the facebook lite and messenger lite in order to make those applications available to people with cheap mobiles that have weak processors, low ram, low rom, etc.

I m not sure how FG makes money from RR2 (other than from gem purchases), but I think one way is by promoting other companies’ games via the ads we watch when we get free boosts, double gold from raids, free food, free chests, etc. I assume the money FG charges for the ads depends either on the number of clicks on the ads or on the number of players that actively play the game (maybe there s something else too but I dont know), hence, by adding a feature that makes the game lighter and easily playable by weak mobiles like mine (alcatel pop4) will allow FG to charge more to other companies to promote their games because they ll be more active players clicking on the ads and also because FG will be promoting the companies to more people.

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You’re pretty much correct, Flare makes a portion of its income off gems and the other portion off advertising. Ads are usually driven by a third party service, which is why flare doesn’t have much power to fix issues with it other than to put pressure on said provider. Companies that want to advertise on games “subscribe” to the service, and the service pays developers to use their service to show ads on. The bigger the ad service, the more popular they are, the more they can charge. I’m not 100% sure that this is the way it’s done but just an educated guess.

As it stands RR2 is pretty graphically light already, your phone is just really… really low end. Its snapdragon 210 is an old, entry level processor paired with a weak graphics coprocessor. The phone simply wasn’t designed to drive anything 3D. You’ll have to upgrade but even budget phones nowadays have decent enough hardware to play rr2. I suggest Blu if you want a new one, or a refurbished midrange. 

U just broke my poor Alcatel’s heart!!!..shame on you 

but since u mentioned Blu phones …can u please name a specific blu phone that can play RR2 smoothly and is also cheap???

I don’t know what you mean by “cheap”, but I used to have a life one x (I think they’re on X3 now) and it ran rr2 decently enough to play. For 130 right now on Amazon, unlocked. Otherwise you could try a refurbished phone, look for something that says Adreno 306 (or a higher number) or Mali t720 (or higher). If it doesn’t show the GPU, you can look up the phone on gsmarena and it will tell you. 

I was looking to grab a xiaomi when it drops in price but from what y’all tell me the game doesn’t seem to get along with the brand. Yeesh, you upgrade hardware and the game ends up sucking even more that before…

As for game weight, properly written pc games have thing called the graphics options menu that lets you turn all sorts of crap on/off depending on your hardware/preference. RR2 is really unelaborate but you could always get a few more fps by turning something off (right now the game turns effects off automatically under heavy load, which is annoying because you can’t tell if the tower you’re standing under is killing you except you can’t see the shower or is it stunned and you’re safe). I’m probably just looking for excuses here but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did better in pro leagues if I could keep summoning units non stop, instead of needing to stop summoning to have any framerate.

There’s always the rich man option - keep your favorite phone for what works and get another one for what doesn’t. :grinning:

They were asking for an Alcatel, the rich man option probably doesn’t apply here lol

Yes and no (tho I get what you’re saying). You said yourself that a modern cheap phone will already be capable enough for the game compared to an old one, so it’s not all that strainful on the budget if you plan it right (trust me, I’m cheap beyond reason). No one says it has to be a flagship (flagships suck anyway).

Truth, but why have 2 when one will do? I agree though, there’s not a single flagship that I like :slightly_frowning_face: mostly looks are the problem though, I can’t stand having the camera right in the middle of the phone