Adjustment to skipping cooldown of Insta-Troops donation

(First, it looks so wrong, I just can’t believe it’s intentional. ?
So I’ll post it on “Bugs & Problems”, and in case it is intentionally that way (WHAT? C’MON), just move it to “Suggestions & Improvements”, please.)

Why do we have to pay full price to skip the cooldown of insta-troops donation even when it’s already almost finished???
Isn’t it supposed to be like any other cooldown in the game, where the value to skip it decreases as it gets closer to be finished?

I will move it.


Yeah, I don’t even know why I had such hope, tbh. ?

So it’s intentional that we have to pay the full price during the entire cooldown, cause that somehow makes sense to the devs?
25 gems to skip 2 hours, 25 gems to skip 1 minute. Usual Flaregames


that’s like during the ninjas, you CAN spend 1 gem in the final seconds of movement cool down… or… you can wait two seconds and do it for free!  Is anyone that desperate (or full of gems like our resident millionaire ?) that they actually spend gems in the final seconds? It should just be grayed out in the final minute or two and make you wait it out. 25 gems is ridiculous!


My post is not even about the price to skip the 2 hours cooldown, I see nothing wrong with that.
But don’t you think it’s dumb how it makes us pay 25 gems just to skip a few minutes, or even only a few seconds? It’s the only cooldown in the game that is broken in that aspect.
That’s what the post is about, let’s not lose focus. You should not let the fear of being misunderstood stop you from giving suggestions to the things that need improvement, don’t you agree?

? Plus, I don’t think they will increase prices in the game any time soon, considering the current level of satisfaction players are having with the changes they have been implementing in the game? lol.

Agree why still at 25 gems after just 3 minutes left? non sense. 25 for full time. when still 3 minutes its should be like 5 gems and when left 2 minute like in Olympus Rising or others games be in purple who said Free.

like upgrade its just bad to see you pay like 5 gems and more when still just 2 minute left or below. Below 2 minute its should be free