Admin.. I need help transferring, its not in the Support and Help part. It wants a pin code?

Due to maybe not updating the Support and Help page when I comes to transferring I don’t know what I can and cant do. I have two accounts, one on Windows and one on the iphone. I want to transfer my windows account onto the iphone (some say its possible but Support and Help says it isn’t) but it asked for a pin code, where is that pin code and can I actually transfer from windows to IOS?

yes you can.


On your windows device:


  1. Click on the ‘wrench’ icon.
  2. Click the transfer account icon
  3. 3 options available…click on the first one (Transfer this account to another device)
  4. The game will generate pin-code valid for 60 sec.


On your Iphone:


  1. Step 1 -2 are the same with above.
  2. Click on the second one (Overwrite this account with a different one)
  3. Enter the pin-code generated from your windows device.


Best to do side by side.


Now you can play the same account on 2 devices.

Thank you kokola. I started with the iphone and went on “transfer from” instead of the other way round