#ADN international alliance is looking for long term and active members

#ADN is a friendly active international alliance.

our current rank is between 250-350

English is widely used but french can be used too

we prefer staying within the same team rather than travelling from one alliance to the other.

We only ask the members to join the battles and support with donations.

today we have 8 slots available (out of 28) - We are looking for long term members with level 60+

if you are based GMT -6 or +6 it would be great too.

 hope to see you soon  :slight_smile:


#ADN est une alliance internationale à la recherche de membres qui souhaitent s’investir sur le long terme.

nous échangeons principalement en anglais mais aussi en français 

vous participez en guerre, donnez régulièrement, êtes de niveau 60 mini et recherchez une alliance stable et sympa ?

alors rejoignez #ADN  - à bientôt

nous sommes 20, il reste 8 places…

Do you have active divine blessings 24/7?

we use blessing on war and also when one member is asking for a special purpose

I consider gradually extending blessing during the week but we need more members first to avoid to be broken during wars.

in our alliance, some give 2000 others up to 200 000 - it is not an issue, 

in the same idea, we prefer an active lvl 65 who will stay months rather than a lvl 100 who will leave after 3 weeks for a higher ranked alliance.

we also think it is much more interesting to grow within the same team and live the same events together (bad or good) like in a family.

being active is not only to win the game/war but also a way not to spoil other members efforts  - a matter of respect.

hope you see that I mean  -  sorry for my english


Hello everyone,

only one slot left and we are now ranked 190

you are active on war and looking for a stable alliance - join our team this is the place to be …

we currently have 4 slots available  - join our experienced team 

Any interests in a merge?

If you are a group of 3 to 5 active members. You can join together. #ADN 

3 available and 2 inactive today.

I’ve not seen the alliance… Can you please send me an invite… User name : Asher160 

What is your alliance name?

Four Horsemen. Send PM if interested?

hello ,

#ADN is an international team with experienced loyal members.

we still have room for 5 active members lvl 60+  and would be pleased to welcome you.

our rank 175-190, blessings are gradually increasing.

as mentioned previously we prefer loyal members to high lvl who would leave after 2 -3 weeks. 

We only ask to be active during wars and to grow .


if you want to join us as a group of friends send me a PM.

joueurs français bienvenus bien sûr ?


Looking forward to seeing you in our nice team ?

We are now ranked 160 after 2 victories in a row - come and join our friendly experienced team. 

You are LVL 70+ and active in war you are welcome 

looking forward to seeing your fighting spirit

(FR) après 2 victoires de suite nous sommes niveau 160, rejoignez une équipe sympa et expérimentée 

vous êtes niveau > 70 et actif en guerre alors bienvenue. - à bientôt.   

Alliance bilingue pour une meilleure couverture des horaires.

#ADN is still there for you -
we are :sunglasses::wink:and:blush: so why not joining our team ??:thinking:

friendly, nice, experienced and relax English or french speaking whatever you want
no headache with us
current level KING/ HERO so LVL 70+ is required otherwise you will feel bored.

see you soon :wave: