Ads don't work (again)

About 60% of the ads that play don’t give out any reward, which wouldn’t annoy me as much if I could simply exit them and try again but I can’t even do that. It’s always the ones with the blue progress bar on the bottom (like the stupid “bill wizard” one). Tell your provider to get their shite together would y’all? They’re just ads, it isn’t exactly rocket science…

Edit: I think I lowballed that estimation, it’s probably closer to 75%, 3 in 4 don’t work.

Exactly. I am on holiday outside EU and when I tried an ad, the first few ones gave rewards. So that was a hint that not giving rewards was related to GDPR rules. Now after watching same videos again, no rewards are given. Flare their answer is wait till end of July, leaving players with Windows from the EU standing 2 months in the cold.

It’s time that this mess now is finally fixed, this can’t go on. 


I’m on Android, not windows. I’ve heard ads for windows users haven’t been working for months. It’s a huge disadvantage if one platform has working ones over another because there’s usually a decent amount of stuff in those chests, especially considering they’re every 4 hours.

Sure, you keep waiting until end of July, because that’s the deadline they told us about.

Unfortunately you’re right.

I’ve had to install a VPN on my PC, only because of this bug and I never really was a VPN fan…

It’s sad that the Windows community has to resort to such “workarounds”, but at least it works.

I bet anything it will either not be fixed or it will break again after like 3 months max lol

Yep, as Shadows said, we should wait until the end of this month. That’s when they said the ad issue would be fixed along with all the other bugs

I’m not so sure about this part though

I certainly hope they fix all of them. They’re gonna lose a butt ton of players if they don’t. They’ve waited more than 2 months for a bug fix, so flare better have this under control

of course its obvious if 4.0 don’t fix at least 90% of the bugs. the number of players who will quit and leave will be very high this time. People have wait over 2 month if no more to play a stable game.Also if 4.0 do like 4.0 have do in OR. I don’t want to be in shoes of FG. War bugged during weeks and weeks. Connection problem and more.Hope the testing guys have do their jobs. RR2 live will depend of this update

Bump. Still broken… 

Mine work. I expect you to be on Windows and inside EU.

Here something to try, close the game, throw away the VungleSDK folder. Restart your device afterwards to be certain nothing is in cache. Try a video, it will say no ads. wait for a few minutes and try again. The ads work for me after doing so.

Even with you suggestion I am stuck at getting 2 ads at a time…

What’s up with that?

I wonder if RR2 even understands it’s own ad-system when it evolves Windows systems. My guess is they lack it gigantically. Note it was all fine in the 3.9.2 version of RR2 when I used a VPN. Now even with VPN enabled it broke down to 2 ads… Lovely simple grant. Pffffff.

Just 2 ads in total? wow, that’s an incredibly low amount. I had that during my vacation, could watch one ad 2 times in total, then delete Vungle folder once again, otherwise no videos. It could be depending on country/region also. 

I agree that this is not the way it should be.


It’s not an issue with Vungle this time, it is implemented in the game itself: After 2 video ads you have a cooldown of 6h! Regardless how long the time between these 2 is. So you can watch two ads for two boosts/chests/etc., and have the next one 6 hours later (rate is 2 in 6 hours), or you can watch one now, and the second 3 hours later, then still you’ll have to wait 6 hours for the next video (rate here is 2 in 9 hours). Very stupid implementation, IMHO.

Couldn’t be further from the truth. Android (Sony Xperia X, Android 7.1), in the US. It’s not even all ads, just some of them that come up annoyingly often. 

Okay… I haven’t heard of any issues of Android so far, but I do believe you. I am sorry to read that. Hope a fix is there soon.

Same, I haven’t heard other players with this issue but I doubt I’m the only one. It could be device specific as mine isn’t exactly a common phone. 

In regards to iOS and Android: they still get the full amount ads RR2 4.0 or not. Got this confirmed from within my alliance.

Now none of the ads work. Great job flare, great job ??

work for me. No problem