Ads not woking

Dear Flaregames,


Im using Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is the 3rd report with same problem.

Could you PLEASE fix the ads problem (no reward after seen adv)?

There are too many ads not working.

Only a demo game playing ad works, but not others.

PLEASE give solution, not just reorganize ads for this moment.

This is the long lasting problem.

Im sick to watch 3-4 times to get a single reward.

Attached files are the snapshot of ads that doesn’t work, but those are not all.




Thanks for the rapid fixing.  It seems worked now.  If the same phenomenon will happen again, I will report it repeatdly.  Many thanks!

A superlong adv caused disconnection after watching, Holloween Horror Nights.  It has observed every three different trials.  Please check.

Btw, this is too long, 2:30 sec. :slightly_frowning_face:

My tip is for you to skip those “video-player” kinda ads.

Those are the worst because they either fail or are just too long/boring to see.

Just click close and try again for a “normal” ad :grinning: .

Mostly they are longer than the royal revolt online timeout.