Ads: why can lower players get them but not higher?

Lower accounts seem to be able to not have to suffer 6 hour ad cool down.

I tried this with a few accounts. It makes winning leagues unfair as some players have access to more bread. I have tested using iOS and android, and used vpn to try other regions. Please make this the same across all levels.

Not true. Everyone everywhere is affected by the ads cooldown 

Absolutely true. Just watched 5 ads in a row. Really! 30 minutes ago asked in alliance ranked approx 120 if they had ad cooldown. NOBODY had any cooldown, although said a problem for a little while previous day but fixed now.



Niet waar, voorlopig nog geen cd op advertenties voor mij

i had it in the past, and sometimes now for shorter time

Not true Shubham. There are still many people, including me, who do not have the ad cooldown. I do not know what the percentage is, but it seems pretty split from what I’ve seen on the forum

He is saying that cooldown is hero level based. Dont u ppl understand?

Its not based on hero lvl

I have unlimited video.

its depends of region i think and also if i right- did you buy gems often or not.

if you did- you are worth for ads company and they showed unlimited ads

I had the 6h cooldown before, but i have had no cooldown at all for the past 2 days. 

I have no cooldown for the past week, not a low level king either. 

I have cooldown in ads… top 300 player… did not have week ago problems


@cr1the account that gets ads never bought gems for 2 years. Account no ads bought far more, but not a lot, is same region. I don’t think trophy based, region or gem based from info. 

It is a mystery that needs solving by Flare. 


I last saw one and I had a 6h CD.
the next day I went to work and could watch without limits - move on.

I’m sorry but it’s not true. I bought gems last month and throughout the month I had cd several times.

What I false statement. You cannot be have more wrong than this. i have never buy gems and I have no cooldown and illimited video. Never had problem with video ads since 2.1.0


One more time, the cd’s back