advanced autoplay features

hi guys

my suggestion is to add different and advanced forms of autoplay which will make gameplay a lot more interesting and advanced than it is now, A Lot Better. 

autoplay currently does 3 goals, hero movements/summons units/casts spells

and it’s all or nothing like if i want auto movement of hero i shall buy the auto spell cast and auto summons as well which is exactly the reason gameplay is repetitive, manual on the other hand is sooo boring for slow heroes and ajax and artemis

make 3 autoplay options which we can select before starting an attack

1- current system auto all 3 options

2-autoplay for hero movement and unit summon

3-autoplay for hero movements only

this will make the gameplay a lot more Interesting. you can make advanced autoplay as a quest to unlock for each hero or just as an option in game settings or elsewhere, either way would be amazing, please make it if it’s possible. @CaptainMorgan

I love the concept, would be very helpful for my farming raids

Yeah I agree having the option of moving hero only while I can summon whatever troops I want or spell I want to use just like with defense and attack mode instead of staying at mercy of the AI of the game???.

Should be rewarded 1000 gems for an awesome suggestion! :slight_smile: