Advanced castle storming: Your favorite troop combinations!

Using your troops effectively is key to any successful raid. Because of this, our colleagues over on Facebook gave an overview of some of the more popular troop combinations!



Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite combinations? Have you already had the chance to try out the new monstrous units against other kings? Use this thread to show off your tactical skills and discuss strategies with other Royal Revolters!



Cannon to destroy towers, barricades, castle’s gate.

Pyro to destroy Firebolt Tower and take down most of Troops.

Knight to Die For Me!


Sounds like a solid plan. :smiley:

I always use CANONS + ARBLASTERS + MORTORS - All maxed out. This is failing against Gorgoyles. So for bases with high Gorgoyles, I am planning to use knights instead of arblasters. Never tried this combo as of now but will be from now on. I did use Frosters (level 6 upgrading to 7) as Gorgoyles have weakness to Frost but that is not helping much. We definietly need updates on Monstor usage. Just added my level 3 Gorgoyles to my defense waves and it seems to be a good choice for the couple of battles i see now. Still waiting to get higher level monsters before I can replace using them. Planing to use mummy for mortor once i get atleast level 3. I do like the werewolf but need it at level 3 at which point i might use either mummy or werewolf depending on situation.


Cannons destroys the blockades and towers , pyros for long rang attacks (burn burn) and lots of paladians for blunt damage , as they have good health , smashing everything in there path . :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a combination of Knight + Paladins + Arblaster 


because paladins have high defense to troublesome the enemy . Arblaster which has a range far and high degradability. and Kight were swarmed with busy bustling thus increasing the attack power of the king. 


I do not use cannon as he easily crushed, and has a slow reload. Maybe, others have a more potent strategy than me?

Lately I have been using cannons+pyro+frosters.  The frosters have been surprisingly effective at tying up enemy troops at chokepoints while the pyro’s whittle away at their health.  The frosters don’t do much damage, but that slow is brutal when the enemies come in nice packed waves


Meanwhile my hero can run ahead and kill anyone that escapes the chokepoint and my cannons can follow behind unmolested to take out towers and spikes.

knight-froster-pyro! majic I like heal-sword and fire

we need a DRAGON!!! lengthen the dungeon and add a dragon.

Unmolested! LOL :wink:

I agree with Dragon. I was just thinking today that there is no monster with fire damage and a dragon would have been awesome.

Tough to answer because it changes with the context of every base!


In general though, I find Cannons + Pyromancers + Arblasters to be the most versatile and effective combination - hard to beat the Blunt + Fire + Piercing combo.  


The only major exception to this is where Arblasters are in 1st or 2nd wave position in the base I’m attacking and Ogres aren’t in 1st or 2nd; then I will generally switch out Arblasters for Mortars.  This has become very rare after the Monsters were introduced in 1.4, though.  


I like this But Knight help me very much.

I have been experimenting with a lot of different combos to deal with the Gars. I have actually been having a lot if success with Mummy+Ogre+pyro or Arb. Usually just been using ogre and mummy though. The Ogres to take out well everything, including Gar hits. Mummy to take out troops and to summon for emergency Gar attack.

How much morale do you have? I am at lvl 70 and will be very tough for me to call both of them.

That sounds like a lot of morale points.


Anyway I’ve been using cannon , mortar and pyromancers (since arblasters low level) but this combo dies easily to gargoyle’s attack.Avoiding them for now , hmm.

It’s not as bad as it seems, since they don’t die as easily. I only have like 8600 morale and have no problems.

as your troops and waves increase so does your combos. at least that’s what I have seen. and I don’t want to get to scientifical about it. that’s why I left grepo. I have fun here. heck in a couple weeks my offence and defence wont be the same. as I upgrade different troops and spells they will have to change. DRAGON!!!

oges are weak to sword rain mummies to fire

sword rain kills gar’s