Advanced castle storming: Your favorite troop combinations!

You actually need atleast 35 seconds as the SB lasts 5 seconds.  so at 35sec, 20sec and 5sec to have its full effect. I prefer 40sec with 5 sec buffer. Even with all these canons are must for me. I use them for initial skull towers and prefer them to clear the snake towers and in some tough bases, 3-4 canons at castle gate with a time warp changes everything. Also note that Canons are Tower crazy, they only attack towers and do it fast and efficiently. Canons were the first think I maxed followed by arblasters and others later.


BTW, I prefer not to spam one kind of troops like all frost or all arch/arblasters. I prefer troops with varying speeds as they wont be grouped together slowing themselves in the process and dying at once to a big gargoyle wave.

@Fii Nami not very effective, but they don’t die to them, so if you have tons and tons of frosters and arblasters coming through a near empty base to clear up they generally manage. Personally, I am generally quite happy with 92-96%. Whereas skull towers seem to be pretty evil against most units so if I wanna 100% a base I really try to get rid of those.

@desihero Lol, I guess 2 levels give you extra 3 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know if ice items actually slow down the castle gate?

Yes they do slow down the arrow thats shooting from the gate


It depends on base for me but froster can reach skull tower across the path (not sure about firebolt) and destroy plus slows them down although I need to kill nearby firebolt as quick as possible.The main reason I prefer them is that they slows down every single units very effectively its like having time wrap on sometimes.Also maximise arblaster’s effectiveness against mummies.


To be honest I don’t know why I max mortar first after knights and arblaster last but definitely a mistake maxing them last 

At my level 67, trophies 3100, I get good results with 1 = cannon, 2 = Arblaster, 3 = froster/ogre/mummy. Froster if waves mainly troops, ogre/mummy if monsters used. Like all things this has changed as one levels up, and you adapt to new adversaries.


When I first maxed Ogres, I was using them crazyly in attack. I do use them now too if the base is less on arbs/archers. Just stay with them and keep healing them and if you have 2-3 at castle gate you can wrap things pretty quickly. Also they are good for mummies.

@Fii Nami Yeah, I guessed so, then I think a frost damage item is pretty much a must to kill the gate and not to worry about the health too much.


@desihero I hide in the corner so unless it’s a 3 big monster wave they generally don’t notice me and I can continue pounding at the gate. Also I keep bladestorm ready for any arblasters, mortars and frosters coming out. And if there are gargs just pray I saved enough HP :wink:

@stanpa : Just checked SB duration and its only 3 sec not 5 like I imagined. Only BS is 5sec. So 33sec is good enough i guess therotically.

I like to use ogres on gargoyle-heavy bases to tank and deal out a nice chunk of damage.

They don’t fear snake or skull towers and smash whatever comes their way. Also, they can one-hit medium lvl blockades and (low-lvl?) firebolt towers.


When there’s lots of firebolt towers and path overlap and arblasters/archers I also like to use gargoyles instead of cannons, as gargoyles might die too, but not without bombing the hostile troops, too, while cannons would just be… well, “cannon fodder”, for the hostile ranged units and fb towers!


And btw frosters are cool! :wink:

If you have enough of them, they do quite a nice amount of damage, as they just damage everything within their spell area… I have seen whole waves of gargoyles just getting devoured by the frosters before they could get close enough to explode! At some point I even noticed they killed 2 ogres that were approaching them - and those have no known weakness against ice and a lot of hp! And newly spawned waves at the castle gate don’t survive any longer than 1-2 sec either, unable to actually even start fighting you and your raiding party.

You just have to watch out for gargoyles in certain constellations, and pyromancers… Firebolt towers are less dangerous actually, as they only target 1 unit at a time (*), while pyromancers deal area-damage, killing big groups of frosters quite quickly without heal spells…   (* I even remember a base that had no other towers, so all firebolt towers, that I beat 2 times with frosters, and that I couldn’t beat with pyromancers instead… sounds strange, but true story! :wink:


@Rest time: The shown time is rounded down, e.g. just when the raid starts, it displays 2:39 (although a raid lasts 2:40), and when the displayed time goes from 1 to 0, you still have 1 sec left. So, 32 sec displayed (being 33 sec actually) would be enough theoretically… should clear up the difference between desihero saying 33 and stanpa saying 32. :grinning:

@Heroesflorian : I am impressed! It’s a count down so 0 counts and @stanpa your two levels give you more wisdom i guess :slight_smile:


Me too  :slight_smile:


lvl 74


leadership 6540


cannons + arblaster +mummies


sonic blast+bladestorm+firestorm 

Is firestorm still effective at that level and more useful than e.g. heal for you?

Do you leave any snake towers to your cannons then?

Definitely an interesting combo! :slight_smile:

an old favorite (that only works on lower level bases) is archer, arblaster, and froster

because u can leave every enemy unit behind, and they will kill it

My favorite is max arblasters,level 8 froster,level 5 pyromancer