Advanced level guide on farming hidden treasures

Here’s an advanced level guide on how to farm hidden treasures. The raiding style adds difficulty to the raid but helps to pick up only hidden treasures you want. Not recommended for beginners but those who want to step up their game in hidden treasures farming, feel free to use this as a reference.

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Shhhhh, let them pick up junks and do raid in overpowered gears…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just a question, are hidden treasure perks really that useful, I thought that they only sped things up or am I wrong?

If follows a simple logic.

There’s a daily limit as to how many hidden treasures you can “pick up”.

If you wear full hidden treasure perks and just pick whatever that is on the ground instead of doing what I’m doing as per the video, then the hidden treasure perk becomes useless, because the daily limit is reached very fast.

However, if you only pick what you want, then it’s actually very very difficult to reach the daily limit. Say, if in a raid you have 5 items dropped on the ground, and only 1 is what you want, then you’ll have to do 60 raids, which is the equivalent of 2 hours straight every day.

Conversely, say if without hidden treasures perk, only 2 hidden treasures is dropped on average, and sometimes it drops something you want and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s going to take a whole lot longer to reach that daily limit.

The more items is dropped, the higher chance it has something you want to pick up.