Advanced search

What the heck is this new “helpful” Advanced search? It SUCKS. You cannot search at all, please change it flare ??

Your thoughts on it.


You understand now why I don’t find anything. this advanced search then…don’t search

Yep, I started a new alliance, Flare, and I can’t search anybody to invite them. Change it now, please. Wasn’t like this yesterday. ???

No problem anymore WN. It was just a mistake on LFF’s part. I fixed it for him. You should see the invitation now

Okay, so, first off, all you need to do is to just tap enter instead of clicking the magnifying glass button. An easy mistake to make for an early player. But, to add to your post, I’d just like to clarify for you that the advanced search is not for finding players to attack. Instead, it is mainly used for finding players around your trophy level, or a little above, for easy gold and trophies. When I use it, I mainly search for players that are not in alliances. I certainly hope this helps your use of the advanced search

lol sorry I have say advanced search. My bad I means more the normal search but with the advanced improve. Since Flare have supposely change the way the game search. We cannot find anything. Its very annoying to type exactly the same in search to find something. By example If I write Black Pearl0 he will find nothing because you must write like Black PEARL0.

the search will be more easy if the data base should find just with the few letters by example I want to find you and not be forced to write Awesomestknightest. More easy if I can write Awe or Awesome and find you in a list of everyone who start by this. if we can in a future find a alliance or someone with just the first three letter or a word 

by example someone who want to find me will not be forced to write Warriornator 3 but just Warrior or War or just with W why not.

When I do a raid and want to remember someone to check after I have no choice to take a screenshot. Very annoying


Well @Warriornator, you could simply just put Awesomest, and my name would pop up