Advanced user functions guide - because you are fancy and you know it and wanna show it!


Hello friends of decent internet conversations,
If you are not familiar with the basic functions and formatting tips, please read this guide before proceeding:

Alright, let’s start!

If you want to post a spoiler, use the gearwheel in the text editor -> and blur the spoiler by selecting the text in question and clicking on “hide spoiler”. The King has no name.

Surveys (Polls):
Building polls is now easier than ever. Just use the built-in poll function in the text editor accessible via the gearwheel. Choose between single or multiple choice or a rating.

  • Pineapple on Pizza
  • No pineapple on Pizza

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Note: for ratings, you have to ask the question outside of the poll function but just inside the text.
*How cool is the poll function? One= meh, 5= luv’ it

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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A more comprehensive guide to Polls can be found here:

#(and 1 empty space after on a single row) will be shown as

headline 1

You can add up to 6x # in front of the text.

headline 2

headline 3

headline 4

headline 5
headline 6

Linking categories
If you want to link to a category use # in the middle of a sentence. The categories will be displayed to choose from.
Example: #royal-revolt-2-feedback

Unwanted Formatting
Sometimes the forum may formats something, that you do not want to have formatted for example:


You can avoid this by using \ in front of the phrase for example

You can directly select the text you want to quote in the topic/post and a “quote” function will pop up.

To put a line through text , use (strike) words (/strike), but replace the brackets with < and >
This word shall be displayed as strikethrough.

Pinned topics are not being shown as pinned
Check your profile settings. There is an option to unpin pin topics, as soon as you read the last post in that topic. Deactivate it, and now this should not happen anymore.

Finishing your post
The window on the right gives you an impression on how your post will look before you post it. You can also hide the preview via the “hide preview” button on the right. Check your post for typos and or errors. Consider if your post could be found offensive or if it doesn’t fit the discussion.

Enjoy posting! :heart:

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