Advertising that blocks the game

Hi, can you check this advertising? They are several times that the same publicity, when it ends, does not let you return to the game. If I want to return to the game, I have to close the royal revolt completely and then reopen the game and reopen another different advertisement. This advertising does not let you close it, (circle marked) just lets you hit the download (marked rectangle). Can you check it? Thank you. :wink:

Hi, which system are you using and which region are you located?
Thank you!

Windows 10 pro. ESPAÑA, the best country. LOL. :wink:

W10 Netherlands, same issue which only happen with the ‘Bingo’ advertisement for me.

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Same for me, only option given is download due to modal window.

yeah same here
lol lets annoy ppl and see if they stay or join lol

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate.

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Sometimes it happens to me.

I now got three videos in a row that block the game. Can this be fixed with high priority. It’s annoying we constant must reset the game.

Even videos that recently were non blocking now block.

Can you provide screenshots, your region and system?

Here is a screen shot , this is the last screen we get from the add and the cross to close the add or even the button to get the app isn’t working

Thanks, what is your region?

I’m in belgium, i had quite a lot of those today

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I live in the Netherlands. Same video, but also the bingo commercial with beanstalk is constantly blocking. Windows 10 home is OS.

Now that video just displayed by @Gengis keeps appearing. Very annoying.

I’m having this issue too, and it seems to be related to how the Ad ends.

Everything works fine when the Ads end like this:

But if it ends like this…
then the X button and not even the Download button will work! The only thing I can do on that screen is Mute/Unmute, so I’m forced to close the game.

(Brazil, Windows 10)

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I scrolled downwards and see some little privacy button and a Windows button. Hit them both, privacy you can toggle. I let the video run around three times.

But no effect, you need to close the game. Strange thing is that after I did that, I seem to have received a chest and… That same commercial next time was closeable.

Don’t know if that’s related to solving my problem for that video, but worth a try.

Hi guys,
Thanks. I have forwarded these issues to the responsible person and I am confident it will be resolved soon.
For the future, please open a new topic, makes it easier to keep track :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot and cheers :slight_smile:

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I have also noticed using the enlarged mouse pointer that it can disappear completely …… ie no way to exit AD screen (not a problem for me as I have a touch screen on PC but could be an issue for others)
normal mouse pointer is fine.