Advice on mastery

Need advice what to choose: speed or damage?

What about the rest?

I like the area damage. Especially when paired with stun.

Is the physical resistance worth the slot or should i swap later on?


Just pick something that looks fun to you. If you don’t like it, swap it out in a few weeks. 

Yeah, especially since values increase as well based on your amount of fame, so don’t stress it out. :slight_smile:

Depending on which hero you play most, some masteries can be more useful, like potency for heroes relying on powers more (such as Athena, Odysseus, Perseus…). :grinning:

Speaking of that. What if at, let’s say 4k fame, I will start collecting the new mastery offers, instead of accepting them. They will keep stacking. And at …hmm… 6k I will press “reroll” for the first uncollected one.

The question: will the value on that first offer be recalculated, based on the new fame?

Very good question… maybe @CaptainMorgan can enlighten us on that one.

There is no gain in storing Masteries in the long-term. Their value will not increase when they are recalculated with higher Fame, it is decided when you first receive them.

it is what i observed @CaptainMorgan, and the thing that damage reflection, potency, area damage, frostbite and demolition chance only appears in higher lvl… for beginners you should consider your priorities -defense or offense - in choosing the masteries…

no true: my very first mastery was a demolition chance (only 0.82% but still a good one for a level 30 ^^)

I guess that probability to get such mastery increase with level (and also the value), but it is not impossible to get rare mastery at very low level.


One question regarding masteries: does it stack?

I mean if i already have +2% attack speed and a new mastery is +3% attack speed… I will get 3% or 3+2=5% attack speed?


Masteries replace themselves, not stack.