ADVICE to new kings who want in top alliances

Lately I have noticed many new kings applying for membership in top level alliances. I know it is hard to be patient and wait to get to that level, but here are a few words of wisdom:


  1. If you apply to a top alliance, and they reject you, do not keep asking to join. This makes leadership in the alliance frustrated and your name will be known only as a pest rather than a prospective member.


  1. See rule number 1. If you do not have the same number of trophies as those in the alliance you are wanting to join, then wait. Don’t waste their time by applying.


  1. Like the alliance’s page on Facebook! Usually the alliance’s requirements are posted there for you to see. It shows respect to the alliance that you do not apply without having met the requirments. But even if you aren’t there yet, liking their Facebook page allows you to see what the alliance is like, learn when they share tips, and start getting into the community of the alliance before you have the requirements to join. Then you can focus on what you need to to join. Do you need a higher king level? A better alliance tower? More trophies?


  1. Join an alliance more your level and work your way up. Try to join an alliance that has kings just above your level. So if you have 2400 trophies, look for kings with 2400-3000 trophies NOT 4000-5000 trophies. By joining alliances with members who are just above you, it allows you to learn from them. They have been where you are and know how to get better. And alliances are more likely to accept members closer to their numbers than so far away.


  1. Work on improving your base. Many new kings make the same mistakes most of us did… we upgraded the wrong things or tried to get somewhere too fast without doing the work it takes to get there. Always work on improving your base - the stronger your base, the higher your trophies, the more likely you will get into a higher alliance.


  1. Work on improving your alliance tower! Sadly, that gets neglected by most new kings who don’t realize that is one of the main factors in deciding if you are to get in an alliance or not. Save up your gems from quests and dungeons specifically for this (do not waste them on speeding up upgrades). There is nothing sadder than a high level king with a low level alliance tower. Most higher alliances want at least 150,000 donation. If you are only at 10,000 you will most likely be overlooked.


Hope this helps! Good luck to you! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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100% agreed

Nice post!

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Just giving this a bump as many need to read it. :slight_smile:

Feel free to copy and paste it on your alliance’s FB page so others who want in your alliance can read it.

Awesome post! These advices can be taken in count by a lot of players  :slight_smile:


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Please note this is for ALL lower level kings, NOT just new comers to the game. If you are 3000 or below and want in an alliance where most of the players are 5000, this applies to you as well.


PLEASE read. It will help you advance further and farther way faster than those at the same level you are now.


Good luck to you.