Advisor feedback (Royal Guardians)


Our sassy Advisor has joined the battle. Leave your feedback here!


I haven’t got her yet, but I watched the video and I noticed that I underestimated the Advisor/princess: she is much stronger than necromancer!


Give her a name!!!111!!!



Madlen? ?


I agree with @orko

A name is much cuty that “a status” in the Game…Our Kings have a name, why not the “advisor” ^^

Possible survey ? :lol:


Never :wink:



Link has spoken:


The HERO dressed as an adviser.
Not … he was blown up by her in the sky.


Can you make it so when we call her she just keeps going at the same direction the king was going? Just like all the other Royal Guardians do.

I really don’t like the way she makes our movement stops when she joins the battle


You can move your advisor like a hero.

ロイヤルアドバイザーガーデイアン.PNG 英雄 移動.PNG

アドバイザー 単騎.PNG

You can use scrolling instead of magic. Use the special ability / click the w for the second time the advisor will return to the king.


I know

What I mean is: 
When you’re holding the mouse button and dragging it around to move the king,
if you call the advisor the game stops responding to the mouse movement until you release the mouse button and then click and start dragging it again.

The Guardians are usually called on very important times. So it would be really good if that sudden movement pause could be avoided.

Also, while I was testing the Advisor, the need to release the mouse button and click on the screen again, in the middle of the raid without having time to even locate the mouse cursor, caused me to accidentally hit the scroll buttons.


I’m certainly pushing the Guardian’s call with the mouse pointer this time.

The ‘W’ key on the keyboard corresponds to the Guardian.


It is one second that she shakes hands with the hero and throws the hero up.

It takes just a bit more time than other guardians.

It is not an action to ride a horse like flowing like a donkey.


Hey there ,

I find her (even with this hand shake delay) very cool! The only downside is that Armageddon is a little weak ?‍♂️


I’d like to meet Mr and Mrs Advisor some day lol


I have them now, the abilities are impressive. :huh:

I have to test their use in the higher guardian levels. :crossed_swords:


With us she is called “Uschi” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I can only activate the Advisor once per raid even if I activate her the second she is available  While she is powerful, that seems a major issue.  

It would be nice to be able to use her at least twice so she is available at the gate.


You can use her ‘twice’ if you use her immediately when she’s available, cast all spells then immediately ‘tag’ her off. The cooldown will start immediately. You will be able to use her again around the last 10 seconds of the raid or so. You can then use her apocalypse at the gate, tag her off, then cast hammerstrike or whatever spell you use to finish off gate towers.


If you can use her twice with full duration, that would be freakin’ overpowered, with 4 time warps in one single raid.


Still…40 seconds cooldown is to long and you want to use her when needed…not just call her out push all the spells and tag her out  and hope to do the same again…for me the cooldown is the reason not to use the advisor altough se is strong with her spells.


She is good and fun to play at lv 1 agains medium tough base so i get her to lv5 but from what i expecting out of her lv1 its quite disappointing .


Having 3 free scroll is nice of her but beside time wrap the other 2 is a little too mini version and off . You would want to call her as soon as possible so you are near your tent, the summon spell have very little effective unless you are so overpower the base you get to really far then any other guardian would be fine in that situation. The mini armagedon is too weak, it can’t barely scrach tower or kill some mortar at lv5 in “vein of gold XXVIII” Trusty skill did way more dmg and trusty can be summon multiple time which is the next problem.

The CD is very very wrong, i understand she have 3 free scroll but after the first call the next cast is much much slower regardless of lv  even if you tagged her out early, the cd will reset again after it have been cd for a while  . Here i tagged her out at 2.03 even with the help of time warp her cd reset at 1.59 

And can only be summoned again at 6s left 

I know she is a blue tier but im sure there are many guardian work better than 2 free time warp as maximum .Please scale her dmg ability better with upgraded lv or give her normal cd timer.  I would like to trade her 2 ability for time warp with a normal cooldown all day .





I have a level 4 adviser but he is doing only one boost and is then gone, what is the problem with him ?