Advisor feedback (Royal Guardians)

I think it would be better to reduce her cooldowns so we can call her more times during the raid,
but then also reduce her duration so each time she joins the battle she can use her scrolls only once

Time Warp is a very powerful scroll, and that ability alone already makes the Advisor a very interesting Guardian

But having that scroll 2 times in 25 seconds doesn’t feel so useful without any of the hero spells to use while you have the slow effect advantage
Either with solo raids or army raids, our spells selection is too important to be unavailable for so long

Its her, not him.

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In the portuguese translation, it has a man’s name.

So you tell person’s gender by name, not what it looks like (male or female) ?

It’s like “actor/actress”, for example
If it’s a gendered word they should use the correct gender for the character

English uses Advisor for both genders, but the Portuguese translation have different masculine and feminine forms

Oh my, I will let the loca-team know, thanks for pointing this out.

Tell em to rename to Madlen. Everyone will understand.

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Heyyy hey hey heeyyy heyyyyyyy

Another try at least ?

Maybe you should do a vote?

The question of a name has been around for a long time…


Sorry, but as I ADVISED (hehehe) we will not give her a name…Blacksmith, Granny…also have no name :grinning:

And why there is a topic for giving the ogre a name in that case? Why not just ogre?

Blacksmith has a nickname, blackie. Since she advices and in Game of Thrones that is done by the hand of the king, we can call her Hand ?. 

That was a post for fun Dena, nothing to be taken seriously. :grinning:

When i used her super scream, her usage time ended immediately…
Dude, uncool…

She really does need her cooldown to be shortened a little.


She works a bit differently, one activates and another dismisses. You get a new attack spell palette after a sec or 2 of transition, so don’t dismiss. You play as her after that transition for a little over double time of the others and can use up to 5 scrolls as they recharge. Before you get too excited they are underpowered compared to the current op one, the sled for the level of pearls invested. She has potential, but I think it’s only realized near max level as is. The slow like spell is probably the least useful, not sure what it is doing, but it isn’t like timewarp at all. The 30 range must apply only to portal, the attack spell does nothing to the stuff 2 or more tiles away.

I think the spells are useless and it takes to long to load


she need buf…

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