Advisor's Choice Event

Go ahead and vote, just wanted to see how people reacted to this new event

Unless they reduce the digging time for people who already started their dungeons, then for high level folks only the 2XP applies.

However, I do like this to help folks still on the way to max bases to quickly improve. I like it, but selfishly really hope the dungeon issue is addressed.

Great to shorten the dungeon digging time…unless for people that have started it right after the update and that have to wait for 2d 17h…

and this is to apologize…yeah yeah…


I voted no for 1st question because there is no “I dunno” answer, and I honestly dunno. I’m not sure having cheaper gem upgrades relates in any way to disappearing pro chests (unless compensation chests are part of the advisor’s choice event).

Tomorrow’s event doesn’t really affect the other events as it doesn’t require raids but stacking events are quite annoying. Festivals + ninja is too much. Almost as if flare assumes no one has a life and is in the game 24/7 (their recent “extra pro-minutes” events seem to indicate that’s exactly what they assume).

I started digging yesterday and have 15 days left

Thx flare for changing digging times. For the event.  ?