Can we have some Aesthetic related patch/update for a change?


Such as:-


-Tower Skins maybe? (eg. Frost-Fire Bolt Tower shoots blue flaming arrows etc)

-Ability to change the looks of the King’s equipment

-New landscapes

-Cosmetics to the King (A queen perhaps, new hairstyle, skin colour etc)

-housing system perhaps

-trophy room (Where people can see your achievements)



Interesting thing the trophy room  ^^

More castle gate skins would be nice to see


‘Aesthetics’ can cover a wide range really, can be showing off your achievements, to personal stats (Unit kills, King deaths, Winning X number of Diamond leagues etc, How many kings your base killed yada yada)


More Aesthetics ideas

-More Alliance logo designs

-Troop skins (Imagine a silver fur werewolf etc)

-Add more little things e.g. Chickens and the paladins guarding the dungeon makes the kingdom more realistic!)