Why some players get an offer for free chests every two hours, and the other once in 6 hours? <_<

Why bunch of good flare programmers cannot do anything with forum spammers? <_<

lol, MSS, you are so right… Shame…

why some players get free gems and others not ?


The offers depend on your device/internet provider and the region you are living.

For the forums, it is not up to flaregames but to invision.

Invision? The RR2 users don’t deal directly with invision, they deal with flaregames. If this service is failing you and your customers, drop it fast and use a more reliable one. Its your reputation which is at stake, not invisions.  I’m sure the c-level guys in flare realized already how much engagement dropped in the forums the last few months.  Few reasons why: 1) excessive spamming ( Jason maybe was absent the last few months but now its definitely much much worse) 2) little response from the CMs ( including you Aether - E.g. 1) it took you more than a week to reply to this post  e.g. 2 ) It’s more than a month now that  dbcdiogo is the " Player of the Week " in the gem giving event.If you guys cant keep up, rename it a monthly or yearly event or get rid of it and close the shop.  3) less and less forum events in general 4) general disappointment with the way Flare handles their users.  I too almost gave up this forum, but few things keep me playing this game, such as my wonderful alliance and our members. I say this because I care and I request that Flare will care too. 


There are no more further measures from Invision against the spam, and it has not been accepted to switch to another forum software for now, so there is little I can do about this.

Also for my activity, I am a bit overloaded since some time, sorry about this, I can keep an eye on the forums but don’t always have time to answer.

For some reason most offers i get are German while i’m Dutch, many of the offers aren’t available in my country due to that.


So it’s weird that it depends on my Dutch ISP, then giving me German offers that i can’t complete.

Are you talking about Tapjoy offers, or video offers?

Tapjoy but i think it applies to certain videos too, like just now, trying to view a video completely frozen my game and i’m unable to log back in for a few min. (Game is frozen in background so it refuses to launch for a while)

Are you playing on Android or iOS? And in which country is your account located?

I’m playing on Bluestacks which is an android emulator. (Basically a tablet on my PC)

My account is Dutch.


Most videos work just fine, but sometimes it simply refuses to load the video and cause the crash, i would assume it’s due to the video not being available or something.

The game is still working on the background but because the video won’t load i need to quit the game and force reboot it to get it back working.


And Tapjoy gave mostly german offers only, while some where possible, most weren’t available for my country.

Also they didn’t pay for every offer but i already expected that to happen.


This is probably because of the use of Bluestacks, which is not officially supported.

We only support normal versions of Android, iOS and Windows.

I don’t get it why people use a android emulator to play on PC? Why? Just download the game from Windows Store, after go in Metro App open the game and pin in the taskbar. Maybe that the reason why I have no problem to have illimited Vungle Ads and all work perfectly for me.

I use Bluestacks to get boost when Vungle isn’t available, I always get video add on it. I also use it to get free gems from tapjoy which is unavailable on windows. I probably got 6000 gems so far for free using Bluestack. Otherwise, I play on my window surface. Playing with mouse and keyboard just feels weird.

So far i’m aware Windows games need a windows account and not google play.

Want to use my google play account so i can always play on tablet or so aswell.


You can still transfer your account from one device to another, like from Android to Windows, then you can play on both devices.

Good to know, thanks.