Affiliation between alliances

Is there a rule that you can’t talk about alliance affiliations?

Is it forbidden to create affiliations?


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You may have missed a few threads, but due to ‘affiliations’ mainly in TL, the devs are trying to lessen the effects of affiliations or cartels as we know them.
So I’m sure you can talk about them, they know that agreements exist, exchanges of islands for enhancements. Weaker puppet alliances propping up the already good alliances. The list goes on.
I know this wasn’t addressed for me, but might be a few days before the Capt confirms this.

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In another post I asked a question about a possible change of affiliation. The question was meant to be serious, because when an alliance reforms or merges, the “friendships” within the League change, and so the “geography” of the positions.
Several secondary alliances are commanded by the main one in titan league to forcibly stay in an assigned league and ordered to not gain more torches than they should so to remain in the assigned league.
My question was considered offensive - and I don’t understand why - that’s the reason for this tread. Tt seems that the topic touches the sensitivity of some teams or players. Now we have been living this for a long time - secondary teams forced to stay in certain leagues to provide players to the main team - but you are always ready to hide that this happens. accusing me of poisoning the posts.


First war of last season we had 3 alliances receiving orders from a 4th alliance that weren’t even on our battle map. They will not admit to it, but the players from TL know who are ‘affiliated cartel alliances’. They supply players, free enhancements, torches, players.

It may have been a taboo subject in the past, but it seems that now anything goes. There’s no rule, but as I said earlier the system has been abused to the extent that affiliations will have less of an impact. For me they should have zero impact, but lets see what exactly the devs do the rectify these problems.


This thread is a good place to ask what ever you want, and say what ever you want, as we have freedom of speech.

Invading topics in a toxic , non constructive off-topic way, is surely not my idea of a healthy forum. I would leave such a forum if that behaviour is rewarded or not punished.

Btw, I thought you quit the game? So why do you care?

I had to leave the game for work reasons for some time, and I’m back since a while already, thanks for asking.

The question on that thread had no meaning to be “toxic”. So allow me to ask it again here - will Blood Forged be affiliated with any of the existing cartels or allegiances, or a sub-alliance of one of the titan ones, or will it play all by itself this time ?

Important question in the right place,nothing toxic about it.
The real problem is that they have polluted the game,exploiting the system with their cartels.
They don’t want the real and important questions in a public place.They’re used to their mouse holes where they make devious and toxic plans.


You’re playing in an affiliated sub alliance…

a bit hard, since we just merged 3 alliances like 2 days a go.

Also, you might still have vivid memories about how much I can tolerate “orders from above” and various agreements.

Right. Good luck to this merge. The others haven’t ended well.

You can ask here. I may or may not give you an answer, thats my choice.

What do you think of your question’s answer?

Guys, please try not to descend into baiting and flaming each other.

There is no rule about talking about affiliations or attempting to create them.

Just remember, even where free speech is allowed, that only means you are allowed to say what you want, not that you are allowed to say what you want without anyone reacting negatively.

There is a problem with affiliations in higher leagues, which is causing negative effects for some players, dismissing or negating their legitimate concerns is certainly a way to upset them. If you want to bring up a certain topic it is best to do so in a thread where it is not going to cause direct confrontation with the OP.


There are teams that try to stay out of alliances. It works best in war 2 and 4 but sometimes you’ll get a lucky matchup in war 1 and 3 and those wars can also be enjoyable.