Afraid You Blew It Flare

While there are a lot of nice things in this update, it is simply too much all at once.


If you had brought one or two things in every couple weeks you would have kept us busy for a year, doing it all at once will allow big spenders to create a huge gap between them and moderate players who will be searching for gold where there is none as everyone will be shielding or spending every bit of gold they have.


this big of an upgrade seems like starting over and many people are not ready to do that.


The game was getting stale and an upgrade was needed, but all at once like this was poorly thought out.


Love all the changes but the comments I’ve been hearing so far are like, “which one should we do first” and “How can I get that much Gold when my matchmakers are 75k”


Had you brought these things online one at a time everyone would have been happy without feeling overwhelmed.


This could be the tipping point all games like this face sooner or later.