After 4.0 update

After this new update, is this the war will be end or its also continue ?

If it’s end , therefore no needs of skulls perks , may they will be vanished from game,

So no need to upgrade them ? 

I am following the announcement thread ? only because of that

Yeah, I’m wondering about this as well. But we should just wait and see when the update comes out. Hopefully the war is still there, but there are new boosts to be won

Conquest mode of new update looks to be more strategy and I believe regular war seasons will continue, though HOPEFULLY a different system.

No chance of wars to be over.  It’ll be always . They keep us busy and so fun .  :grinning:

For making better base , 

One new idea, 

 the beast can be placed by ourselves , wherever we want to point in the path, from that it may start work when the attacker units/hero comes in its range.

Also , not in front of the tent ,  there should be limit , may be after 20- 22 path



May be selected beast with the  waves 

Can be added by us with any of the waves after 5.


Yes, melt all your skull items.

IF the war is gone. Don’t melt beforehand lol…

I will bring my phoebe to strating point where opponent won’t have a big army…Phoebe Comes…boom bang bang…

Phoebe to my opponent - You know who is the boss

Never enter to my area

Opponent - sorry boss, my bad 

? ?

The war will stay, but the time between wars will massively increase as a proper conquest will take some time. No land has been conquered in a day or two. ?

Well, a lot of people desperatly hope there are changes to the old war system. There are many Threads about it in the Forum as you may know.

Would be really, really disappointing if there has been no time no change to it.

It seems that flare will keep us busy… A new conquest for 9 days, The old war-system 5 days, pro-leque and ninja-event… If so, we should invite only jobless 24/7 players?


Ninja -> War -> Ninja -> War = 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 16 days / month

Ninja -> War -> Conquest = 3 + 5 + 9 = 17 days / month


Sounds about right. I just really hope the next ninja event will be worth more pearls than usual, otherwise it’s going to become really hard to forge stuff.

Already told , there is limit 

So, the update come out

May be we get the knowledge of actual conquest after participating atleast 2 times

What happens to the building levels,

If i leave the alliance, and rejoin or  join another

Should i have upgrade again or its saved

You will lose upgrade and the upgrade will directly go to VL members?‍♀️

Will there be any events this week? For example, typically we would have a mini event like blacksmith event or such starting tomorrow or Thursday and war starting Friday.


Even if you leave the alliance you still have what you made with the building in the next alliance fortress.