After I updated new version my game is slower and uglier than before

I am using IOS device , i noticed that my game have changes from the color get blurrier than before and slower. Please fix this problem

I got after this update 13k leadership with blacksmith… then u looked in and have only 10k leadership… wtf?? flare what is this?


Nathan, Can you please send us a screenshot of your issue, and tell us which device and OS version do you use?

Another minor bug is that my scenery either doesn’t load (have to change it then change back) or loads very slowly

I got kicked off the app twice in very quick succession and its very laggy now

How do i srnd screenshot ?

Please show me how to send screenshot , i am using iphone 6+ version 9.1 . Since i upgraded the game my color is messed up and blurry



You can upload the screenshot on a website like imgur,com and send the link.

Ich can t start the game since the update. I play it on windwos 10 and upgraded my app and than i started and nothing happend :slightly_frowning_face: