After new update game crush

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after new update game crush inposibke to play ! Cmon people after every new update you make games terrible , why that hapend ? Please iff you can resilve problem


:crossed_swords: THEROZER :crossed_swords: - Spartans

Android operating system…I have installed the new version 5.3.4… The crash game is I have already lost at least 30 trophies.


Android Xiaomi redmi5 crashing in oddysay and random

That is why i won’t even try to install it until conquest ends. Why release it before end of event? Always asking for a problem.

Just updated to 534. I’m playing on an android phone and I never had any issues. This time I got disconnected 2 times in only 10 minutes interval while ataking.

Actually the game crushes. I used "disconnect " in my previous post but is not correct. Game freeze and crushes on various instances- so far during batle, clicking alliance messages or just selecting an island from my map.

:ru: :mortar_board:Ares :mortar_board: :ru:, the game just turns off. I tried in different graphics modes. I reinstalled the game. Sometimes it turns off several times in a row, sometimes after 3-5 minutes.

does anybody off suport read this ?? Captan Morgan ? Cmon people i have 6 disconect just dyring the atack i lost about 200 trophy !?!? Plus disconect in Odisey lost resurce , disconect in chat disconect rapidly !!! How is posible that you bring to update such unstable version !?!? are you do test before you unlish !?!? Hope you tead all this and resolve problem because now is inposible to play

It really is getting worse with every update. I love this game but honestly, the continued bugs are getting tiring.

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I imagine myself buying an iPhone ( I phone :smile:) then playing this game and, you know how great is this game during battles :smile:, then after the game crushes I imagine coming here to say THIS : you know how important I am, you know who I am, you know I have an iPhone, which is the best cr.ap you can buy in US and all global comics and you know what is an iPhone when I have an iPhone and with all these it still crushes. Why the hellibelli do you still call yourself game developers if your cartoons network cannot play on my magic, powerful and multitasking phone (on my budget!!)… still wondering myself. Or I should ask the White House to have you punished for these crushes :smile:

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Meanwhile I wonder if all these time spent on “fixing” updates with new updates (for some smart individual exceptions) is consuming the time needed for real development or… this is the development :smile:

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hello … i noticed 3 problems after the update.

1 the 10 crystals were not given 2 times.

2 You no longer have the ability to move from enemy to enemy using the keys.

3 The game crashes using TARTARO.