After war battle screen is freezing

There are so many reports of this issue within the current war. I havent seen this before. And definetly nithing to do with internet or iOS/Android platform. Flaregames could you please check this? It happened 6 or 7 times on my account. This has never happened before for me.

this is a server problem… dunno which one… but possibly the game server is having problems… yesterday the server “forgot” to update my G Pay account balance… and this is a bit risky… I believe flaregames is in vacation… ober keine annuhng :smile:

I discovered this morning we have a data saver which may work and alter the results on display

but you can test which server didn’t work by pinging back tracking and then chosing a dns from another network… and then at last use vpn tunneling… and see if the problem is still there then is the game server. to find the “dns from another network” you must see how far is the ping result… the further it is the more different network (in most cases)

I dunno if they faded grey chest screen is normal, perhaps it is while is there… but everyone can still think there is a problem… it looks like internet kills the game :smile: … but i know things run much faster for example at the new NATO borders (Romania Moldavia Estonia) like 50 times faster… there you have LTE at 15 meters underground level… and wifi is strong enough for an ion cannon parade on any big screen :smile: … so you can get out of grey… if just looking around… otherwise grey sounds like it is now “your turn”…

Totally agree, more have reported this. Lets see if they get a fix out.