Again a mirror shield!?😧

Good Morning. Can someone explain to me how it is possible that only mirrors come out ??? They are already 5 and I do not have anything else to touch. How is it possible that a random system is so reinsident? Besides, after cursing him, another mirror comes out again. Am I being kidding? I want a solution


Can we exchange as I got 4 Cadmus suite, one crushed and got duplicate of Athena shield :joy:
IGN : Rock_mad


Your Cadmus looks very good, and even the apple came out. That is a luxury for me, only mirrors come out, and if I curse an article, they are mirrors again. So I can not play, without unique articles of the other heroes I can not with the rivals

You should be happy, some don’t even have 1.

I actually have right now 6 Odysseus bows. And I never had them any for a long time, all were received quite recently. I also 4 Perseus speed boots, and I had re-cursed an other 3-4 in the past.

Everything is mathematically possible. It’s more possible to get duplicates, than to have all unique 1 time. It’s more possible to have a unique 2-3 times, than having all of them at least 2 before getting a 3rd. Other more extreme examples, are just possibilities.

Patience is needed. Re-cursing a unique, and guaranteeing not getting the same, is something I believe the devs are working on. I believe we should have a way to use them, as has been suggested in a number of ways, and I hope this happens soon.


I understand what you say Arquimedes, the probability of getting repeated is high, but what you are not taking into account is that all heroes carry 2 unique items. There are 20 different articles and from them I always get the same, no other but only that. By cursing that time again. That is not a possibility, I see it as a serious error, otherwise I would not take the time to write here

That’s of course taken into account. The possibilities are exactly the same, regardless off hero or unique per hero. That’s the whole point. Nothing is re-assigned after you get Perseus shield, the possibility is exactly the same to get the next unique, for all 20 different ones, including shield. His unique boots have the exact same % as his shield.

Possibilities/Probabilities one on one (for all that want to understand better).

  1. You have 100 balls in a box, and you have to pull just one. There are 50 red and 50 blue, the chance to get each color is 50%. Once you pull a ball, the ball is inserted back into the box, so the chances always remain 50% for each color. This is what we have.

  2. You have 100 balls in a box, and you have to pull just one. There are 50 red and 50 blue, the chance to get each color is 50%. Once you pull a ball, the ball is NOT inserted back into the box. The chances are now for example if you got a blue one on the first draw: 49,4% for the blue one and 55,6% for the red one (second time around). This is NOT what we have.

In both cases, it is actually much more possible to get 3-4 in a row, of the same color, rather than having one red, one blue, ALL the time… because that’s also based on possibilities.

If you replace 100 with 20 uniques… it’s exactly the same thing. Your frustration of getting the same shield, even if that hero has a second unique is logical, but it has no significance. Even if you open a titan Perseus chest, assuming there is a unique in (I am not sure if thats possible - I think yes), you always have 50-50 to get one of the two, even if you already have 5 of the same… (there might be an apple in the chances there btw).

I had struggled with this subject on an occasion. Because that 6th unique, has 50-50%. That is hard core, not changing. If you tell me that 5 already were shields, everyone will think, not a 6th one… how can that be… but its 50-50. If we take a look outside of the 50-50 on that one, someone betting can clearly believe, it’s been 5 times, I have to bet against that… there is no logic to bet on a 6th same one. Well it’s logical, but there are no guarantees.

If you know you will get 6 uniques on the same hero (somehow), your safest bet would be 3 and 3, or 4 and 2… But right after any unique is given, the remaining statistics, disregard previous “draws”.

I am hoping and hoping, we get to use uniques, in any way… Right now, I would even use them as 1* titan for forging… but there should be a bit more value to them. Im just saying, probably everyone is saving them, for the same reason… it’s a shame to “sell them”. They are useless… completely.

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It turns out that I feel like listening to music, so I open Spotify and select my favorite musician. I start to play and after a while I realize that I’m always listening to the same thing, all day long listening to the same song. Then I communicate with the support of the app and I say: hey, the random playback mode does not work, I’ve been listening to the same song all the time over and over again. And they answer me: that’s fine, the odds are the same for all the songs, enjoy the app, greetings!
LoL pure hoaxes :grin:

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That’s probably the best option but don’t know how much time this could take. Could also just allow players to sell it for a large sum of gold and wisdom - e.g. 10M + 70K (just throwing random numbers out).

Titan 1* is a very low value, but its the least acceptable if there is no other solution, certainly they are worth more than that. At least for now we need something, anything.

If you notice values in gold/coins are really low, because the items can be made out of other items. I’ll explain what I mean:

Currently item chest (for me) costs 460k and you get 5 items which are worth max 10k each. So thats 50k max. You can see how exploitable this would be, if you keep selling unwanted items, and keep buying chests (if value for sale was higher)

A titan can be made with around 320 greens, and that would be either ~ 64 chests (30 mil) and 3.2 million if you would sell the greens. Huge difference?

A titan can be max worth 50-60k and I have an old one which is 10k meaning its worst than blue. Having said that, I dont think they would increase the unique value which is similar to titan gold values. Do you know how much gold/wisdom costs in gems? They cant give that so easy, its what generates gems, or raid/loggins/play time.

Hi, could we have a system (in the future) in which we will be able to exchange/buy/sell unique items (or other items) between players of the same ally?
Thanks for your reply.




That seems good, although I am satisfied only with the possibility that by cursing, the same article will not be obtained again.


I am not too much involved with OR anymore, so I can’t judge the feasibility of that idea. I would kindly suggest you open an idea ticket in the idea section. #olympus-rising:ideas
People can vote their to support ideas and it is a nice way to show the appreciation for an idea and to us how important it is to the community.
Thank you!

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I agree that the numbers I gave are not realistic and in terms of function for duplicate selling it is the least desirable for gameplay. But once you value it interms of gems/gold/wisdom it seems no solution is practical or just won’t be on par with the impact that uniques (some at least) could have on a player’s feeling of progression.

The way I see this is that if you want to trade duplicates in for some kind of forging mechanism/item you probably have to use a RNG so it doesn’t cut down on the gameplay e.g. enchant items to max states. But that’s probably not gona cut it with many people cuz it’s chance based. So maybe the way to go is to give a mechanism that can’t be valued by any game currency hence unique, for example allowing the rerolling the boost of an Odyssey adventure and maybe even allowing some kind of control instead of totally random.

But I would like to also add that I would also be happy for now if the refining of Unique could just show the perks you will get if it’s 100% certain.

Exactly, I think you get my point, and we cant use random on these things, unless its a really small spread which wont matter. But first you need the value then we determine the random. But that is pretty hard to change (already gold value as we said)

Odyssey re-roll has a cost, but you gave me an idea, what if a unique resets the gold/wisdom value cost???

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to be honest idk because I don’t re-roll a lot but if that’s something many players do use then I would be ok.

If not, may guaranteeing a gold roll after a certain number of rerolls?