again again again

flare . its war again and again bases i did before war that whare easy , now in war undoable , without scrolls… an ogre is dead with 2 bombs ?? comon


not fun anymore , stop this crap and fix the game …  and dont say no that was not us cause it was you, after the update its less fun to play and now this crap again and again , just for a few extra bucks… for these few extra bucks you loose alot of bucks in the end … replace your management . replace coders , what the heck replace everyone and make the game nice again,

this game is becoming a big fat joke ,

They should really rename this part of the forum from “General discussion” to “Peoples complaining about everything”. 

yeah your right … we complain alot , isnt that where the forums are for ?? if a game fails we should say so. so that devs can fix stuff… but in this case flare doesnt do anything at all , read all around the forums , loads of people are complaining … and why ?? because those complains are good , they dont complain to complain … they do so because they want game flaws to be fixed… some people pay real money for it , so they have right to complain all they want if the game is not working like it should…

it is verry clear that some things are just in game to lure players into paying real money where that should not be … bug should be fixed , every update they want more cash… the game was verry good in the beginning and fun, now this game is more and more time consuming hard work or pay up. this shuold not be that way … in game systems fail bigtime … and the only thing flare does is bring more updates with even more failing of buggy systems … and the only time a dev or someone from flare is saying something is when they announce something new that they think is great . but afterwards Always players are dissapointed… so its not realy that hard . flare shoudl just fix bugs and make it a nice game and earn loads of money , but no just make it impossible hard and with a need to pay money …

in the end they lose bigtime . why? because they just dont isten to players or fix stuff…

Not noticing any differences to the war bases, all are easy, I’ve used scrolls just to try and get the towers at the gate, inst-archers take it down too quickly :slight_smile: