Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

Conquest ended but no rewards or boosts??..again…for the third time!

Same here…

No rewards here either? I got a screen shot at the end… where are the rewards? 9 days they should be on time and should see results!!!

Why I;m  not surprised??

this is epic. 

Every serious company learn from own mistakes…but not flare   …LOL   @failgames has his own strategy?

La nostra alleanza non ha ricevuto premi vincenti. Erano giorni difficili. Tanto impegno per. ITA Breaking Castle

I was told they should arrive within the next 5-10 minutes. Our server are calculating.

Maybe it is time to replace this Servers??

Same here … i wait ?


No problem… Give us compensation everytime. 


Maybe it’s because you were online when conquest was over? I did disconnect before out of precaution and got the rewards.



nope… I was not online

Here my prices (200 layer),

  • Gem chests -> 205 gems
  • Pearl chests -> 4111 pearls
  • Pal chests -> Archimedes 4x, Bucky 5x, Aki
  • Pro items, 3 items (double xp armor twice, double xp ring), pearls 654, crystals 8603, gems 196, pal food 101

All by all a good reward. Thank you Keenflare.

Flare… Flare never changes…

I disconnected too… MY WHOLE TEAM HAS NOTHING… they are online… they are angry… and I am trying to mediate … so what’s the deal. We had to fight until last minute. 

I was not online… I connected 5 mins after conquest ended and still got nothing. 

Extra dodge : We are still being shown in same tier and with same number of average tiles. 

I was offline, and no rewards