Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

I have raised this topic several times before, but unfortunately I again have to report 2 cases of bullying by players in the game.

I’m not talking about being attacked a few times, but a persistent campaign of constant attacks over several months and even getting other players involved in attacking the victom.

There is no excuse for this, it is not enough saying it is part of the game or that they need to upgrade their bases. These actions have a devastating effect on the person being bullied.

In the first case a member of my own alliance was the victom. We rallied around and attacked the bully back. This escallated briefly in an all-out war between several alliance, untill we convinced the other alliance of what the cause of all of this was. The bully was finally made to stop.

In the second case the victom is not one of ours, but a friend non the less. Her bully used to be in the same alliance as her a while back, but for some reason the bully has taken to picking on her and has now convinced members of his own alliance to start attacking her as well.

@GalaMorgane Flare Games needs to put measures in place to stop this kind of behavior. It is ruining the game for a lot of players. Many leave the game because of it. There needs to be a way of blocking persistent attackers permanently or a way of reporting this behavior and warning them off or even banning the bullies from the game. Do your job and get this issue taken seriously at last!

You can’t stop players from attacking a base. They are attacking fairly, every 2 hours or so you can attack a player 3 times. I know how this is, I’ve had it happen to me before. It’s a stupid behavior to have, to bully, but you can’t just tell a player to stop attacking a player that is easy to attack

The best thing to do is to just try to shield your gold with Kaiser or just with a gold shield, and then try and upgrade your defenses as much as possible. That way you can turn it back around on the bully and he’ll lose the attack

I would agree up to a point. But as I said this is not a question of easy gold, it is a question of malicious intent.

Having your base attacked 15 or more times a day for day after day, with the bully making almost no gold from the attacks, just for the pleasure of being a jerk. That is what I am talking about. You hardly dare open the game after a while because you will be confronted by the same name in the attack log over and over and over again…

If you don’t believe what that does do a person, I would be very happy to give you a personal demonstration of it. (Just kidding)

The mechanism to block attacks should be last resort, perhaps via a request to the service desk, so that this mechanism itself would not be abused. But I al convinced that something needs to happen. 

They may get good XP from you while having an easy raid.  

There’s more than gold at stake.

So you think this kind of behavior is excusable, that’s almost as bad as participating. You should be ashamed of yourself!

There is no value judgement in my comment supporting the raider or your complaint. You read into it what you wanted to, and then attacked me for no reason.

How funny that you attacked me for no reason while whining about being attacked unfairly. 

Grow up.



Here’s the thing @AwesomestKnightest and @PicklePete. Constantly attack for a week or two, that’s fine. If you’re an easy target, its bound to happen. 

But several months? It’s not cheating but it’s definitely not ethical and not good for the game as a whole. Victims of constant attack often don’t get motivated to do better, they just play less until they quit. That’s not good for anyone. 

Further, intent is important. If what@Nicomagne says is correct and the attacker gets little to no benefit, then that’s pretty much bullying and probably should be stopped - for the good of the game if not simply because such actions are unethical. 

If there’s no malicious intent and they aren’t gaining much per attack, they should have no problem finding a new target every once in awhile. 

Picklepete’s last point is correct though, that was a pretty low swipe at him for stating something is true with no opinion attached to it. 

You need to realize it’s a game, where you need to raid another player. Sure, it’s not fun to see 15+ raids from one person every time you log in, but still, it’s just a game. After all flare added this favorite option. I also agree with you, in this game there are more than enough targets and 3 attacks should not be max per hour, it should be per day.

Since you specific mention Magisher König, what did that player do to piss off some players? Every side has two stories. They didn’t start raiding just for fun. Where is smoke, is fire.

I’m very grown up, thank you very much! That’s your wrong judgement.

If I read an unintended meaning into your comment, then I am sorry. English is not my primary language.

This has been going on for a long while from what I can gather. I only became aware of it because the victom asked our members for help. Both the bully and the victom were part of my current alliance before I was part of it, so I don’t know the whole back story, but I have no reason to doubt the veracity of what they are saying, because I have heared things about the bully that back this up from other sources.

There seems to have been no other reason for the attacks to start than the victom leaving the alliance because of lack of time for playing. That seems to have set the bully off, but he was an unpleasant person before that from what I hear. 

Yes @QuantumApocalypse, I wasn’t excusing what that player was doing at all! You are right, it isn’t ethical at all! I was just stating that they weren’t doing anything wrong, according to the rules of the game. But it definitely is dumb to go around stalking people. They need to choose a different game to play if that’s all they do :slight_smile:  

Please, let’s get back to being constructive about this issue, it has been a problem for long enough.

  • We all agree that we don’t want to ban multiple attacks,
  • But maybe reduce the maximum frequency (that could be exponentially deminishing for example)
  • We don’t want bullies to be able to continue with what they are doing
  • Should there be a helpdesk procedure in place at Flare to deal with complaints?
  • or should there be a way to flag malicious players in the game, like other games have?
  • What else could be done? Give alliances het ability to shield players?

Come on guys, we need some input to get this solved!

And again, I am sorry if I misread any statement. I just want a resolution, this is important to me.


A real apology is, “I am sorry for what I did wrong,” not “I am sorry if I did something wrong.” 

The first admits the error, and the second does not.

Now you are getting pedantic: you accuse me in the same way now. My apology is meant sincerely, as is my desire to getting the issue solved. This back and forth is getting us nowhere.

Nico, friend the leader of the alliance and ask him to tell his players to stop raiding whoever it is that is being raided, that’s another way to deal with the problem

Guys, please.

Pickle, no one owes you an apology.

Nicomagne, let it go, you’re not helping anything. We were being constructive. 

The first step to solving a problem is making sure we can all agree that there is, in fact, a problem to be solved. 

Since we seem to agree on that, I suggest limiting attacks to 10 per player per day in addition to the current rules. This should probably be increased as one levels up because there are fewer targets in the higher levels.

Great point awesomest, frankly, it’s none of our concern if no one has tried to resolve this already. 

I have it on good authority that the leader is now trying to deal with this, so I will remove the reference to him from the topic.

@MagischerKoenig Thank you for helping the current situation.

Good, let us know how it goes

No one owed 

Yet you write, "Picklepete’s last point is correct though, that was a pretty low swipe at him for stating something is true with no opinion attached to it. "