Aion weapon (Aion's Mace)


Great video! Thanks for sharing it here :slight_smile:

Very nice video Invizzible!! Btw, what platform do you use? If PC, could you share what you use to edit your videos? I’m on PC and I can’t find any movie maker app that will help me out with that


@Invizzzible   do you like this Aion’s Mace ?

I got them and test test it, but in my Opinion kick aura oder healing aura is more usefull ?

@Jesper in my opinion any help is welcome! I personally use it, but I don’t dwell on it, that it is obliged to help me in my raids.

if you are ready to sacrifice speed/lifedrain/etc, then the choice is always yours. it all depends on your style of play.

RR2  the game where the player has a huge selection of hero settings ☺️

At the Moment i use some other Setups, maybe in future i build a a new Pro Set …

All set items have to fit for power and balance to win the Raids ?