_ I want to bring to your attention the unstoppable force that truly lives to his name. _

_ I use now only Ajax for high level encounters, I am currently ranked 13 and do 40 to 60 battles per day and win no problem in every one of them. _

_ Lets make a list: _

  1. _ I don’t use units with Ajax, I spam them to be sure but don’t relay on them _
  2. _ Ajax is not even maxed, his currently level 16 _
  3. _ I do have some Titan items equipped but what stands out is the cool-down bonus _
  4. _ I don’t bother with killing units, just go straight for buildings _
  5. _ I ignore the hero defender as well _
  6. _ Ajax spells are not even maxed yet _
  7. _ My own defense in this video poses no problems even tho all my buildings are maxed out and buffed _
  8. _ I do no have the best gear, I am currently at 109 ascension, and with better ascension level comes better gear _

_ If developers want to make Ajax rival Zeus and Hades powers and easy game-play, they are doing a good job. _

_ But please put a leash/timer at least on him. _


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Hey :slight_smile:

It is true that Ajax is very powerful with all his powers, but keep in mind it also takes some time and efforts to unlock all powers.

They require a bunch of Titan Points, and then time to upgrade. 

Hello,Yes it takes time and effort to upgrade Ajax, but it takes even more time and effort to upgrade units, towers and generally to set up a good defense. I think at least to reduce the range of whirlwind so Ajax cannot destroy 5 towers, barricades and all the units in between in 3 seconds.

Please don’t touch Ajax. It’s cool like he is. Yeah he is overpowering but like Alysea said to unlock the full power of Ajax need a lot of time. Just the final spell gonna take me 76 days again on 100. To unlock all spells you need like 5 month if not more.

For me Ajax it’s like a good reward for your patience and a good reward for you progression in the game. If you nerf him or reduce his strengh what fun will still in the game? Not much. You need a lot of prestige or spend gems to have Zeus and Hades for more than 1 week

What game allow you to have fun destroy a entire base with just a Hero? none I have played. Olympus Rising is unique for that. Don’t remove what make the game super fun

Athena used to be like this careful what you wish for.

_ With 2 great cooldown rings Athena is still OP, with AJAX is to easy it needs to be toned down. _

_ I like a challenge with my gaming.  _

I don’t think is correct lo lower Ajax. If they lower him the players that are now to level 60, 70 80…will never have strong Ayax as you or player as you and you would be very benefitted. And is not even correct to lower Ajax also to you who brought him to that level whit a lot of work.

It’s correct what you say but if you like the challengers you can use other heroes

P.S. i like your videos of youtube

_ Yes I do like challenges and from lack of them with Athena Ajax Zeus and Hades I am posting now videos with other heroes in high lvl play not even maxed. _

_ Thanks _

I couldn’t agree more. Ajax is far more powerful than any other hero and no defense poses a real challenge. And it didn’t take me that long to upgrade his powers to max. It sure wasn’t “5 months” 

Fortunately there is Aiace since this is already a play too punitive for active players. If you win 3 trophies and if you do not destroy the gate lose 8 or 16 points with the blessings of towers and gates that are a real doping for defenders … and this is not a tower defense game

Wow Gammal I am inspired seeing your video, How is that Ajax is undestructable? Apart from titan items do we need to do anything to make him this strong. Sorry I am just four weeks in to this game and I feel god-like seeing your Ajax in this video. How much days we need to take to reach ur level ;)?

You don’t even need Titan items.

You need decent physical, fire, ice and poison resistances. If you can get them around 50%+ you will feel the difference.

You also need to upgrade the powers. 

Frenzy is great. You’ll deal much more damage with it.

Whirlwind is a good power, it can reach many towers and troops at once.

Devour strength heals the hero and can easily kill smaller troops when it’s maxed. 

Charge, when well aimed, can get you through a pack of units and damage a defensive building. If you have two towers next to each other in a corner, you can also destroy both at once.

Shield slam is not so great against units but it can deal very heavy damage to buildings. If you combine it with frenzy, you can destroy some towers behind barricades, depending on their rotation.

Hope that helps you a bit ?

You started the rumor and Pheme spread the words to Flare.

So it’s partially your fault that Athena is now nerfed.  :grinning:

Plus I can add next time he will know Flare nerf everything if they see one only one complain of something who is too much strong or overpowering. In RR2 it’s that kind of post who kill the game. Blookie Boo have do a post about Toxic Cloud and complain it. few days after Flare nerf it. Player have complain about Froster flare nerf it, only one player have complain about Ninja Event too much easy. Flare listen and have boosted the difficulty to a hardcore level,etc… People complain about Necromancer and Flare nerf it.Take care of what you wish and what you said. Flare don’t hesitate to pass in action same if only 1 person ask for something. Flare need only 1 person and not more

When they read a post and if they see a way to gain more income, watch out they can nerf if someone complain about something

of course like all open beta game. Sadly nerf happen too much if only 1 person complain about something. It’s the same in all open beta game. People don’t care about what they wish and what they ask. it’s the main problem in this kind of game sadly :slightly_frowning_face:  

I don’t know much about RR2, but there’s more nerfs there than in OR, right?

in RR2 maybe each server update or each version update. In OR I think it’s the first time since the game was release it’s not the end of the world like some pretend

Congratulations Ajax is now after Athena the most weaker one. Well done Flare good job. You have scrap this game just with a update and some nerf. Well done oh yeah Well done. Now if you want to win with Ajax you need to be full buffed with Titan items and full boosted,etc…

I never lose or very rarely with Ajax same with a full boosted base. Now this morning 3 fail at -16 same with a semi crap base. Well done Flare well done. With RR2 and OR we can say you are the best to kill your own game. I never see a company kill themself. it’s the first time


_ I wont say OP in my life. :stuck_out_tongue: _

_ Look guys with enough twining and tinkering me and others like me on Titan steroids can make a OP hero almost from anyone, even if I stay quiet I will continue to post youtube videos that I know for sure Flare and Dev watch. _

_ The thing is not only  I recognize that Ajax and Athena where OP without any crazy gear, even you admit and miss there easy mode game play so in my defense again I say … I just want a challenge, and those 2 offered non. Now as a example Alysea has a video with Athena finishing a 10 skull Odyssey without invocations after the nerf and I posted videos and here on forum about the absurd cool down king that is Cadmus and how I can lvl down on auto a 10 skull Odyssey challenge… and no measures have been taken to Nerf, but I don’t play with him anymore tho because it bores me to tears and numbs me. _

Ajax has been nerfed badly please someone save him.

I hope @Madlen does it. Please pass the info about Ajax , he is useless even on six skull odyseey adventures ???

Save him FG!!!

Wow, to think people actually used him on high lvl bases and could win!! How times change, shame on the guy who requested he be ruined!! I have lvl 20 Ajax but he doesnt move off wisdom island.