Ajax is unbeatable!

Hey guys,

Today I will post some video’s of Ajax in action.
I have been thinking about it for a very long time but couldn’t do it as I have been busy last couple of months.
I am an active member of this forum and I visit it every day and most of the time I have seen players complaining about Ajax , Artemis, Prometheus ( As being terrible heroes,weak heroes and list goes on) But I disagree with them, two months ago I posted the videos of my Prometheus to prove those negative feedback wrong.For now it’s only Ajax videos and I will be post Artemis video later this month. My Ajax is still a work in progress, haven’t finished him yet( Still need one more month to complete his all upgrades then I will post more videos).

I hope @CaptainMorgan sees these video :sweat_smile: as I want to thank him or whosoever designed and introduced Ajax in Olympus Rising. Also for bringing refining system ( as it allows anyone to build any kind of build for heroes or Gks)

P.S. A big thanks to @Marinien for inspiring me to build a strong Ajax attack build. After all it was his videos from last year where he defeated the Hannibal lecture ,Philstar and Biztinius Gks with Ajax and once again showed me how great Ajax is as an attacker.( All these three guys have best GK in the game as of today)
Also on a side note right now Ajax is the best gk of Olympus Rising and not Perseus as many thinks so.


In above videos I want to highlight one thing about Ajax is that playing him autoplay is difficult but doable against average bases but against strong bases from Titan league I would advice to use him in manual play.
Ajax just destroyes everything thing in his path ( He doesn’t even need his spells , my all Ajax and Artemis spells are still two levels below the max levels😂)like Hercules and Prometheus but he has big advantage over them as he is a shield bearer and will easily survive the onslaught by Ajax GK but Prometheus and Hercules dies a lot when fighting against an Ajax GK.( It can be avoided though as there is simple trick for it too.)

I personally enjoy playing with Ajax and always keep praying that I get him as an Honoured hero.
I hope @CaptainMorgan brings another hero this year as I am anxiously waiting for a new one and last hero was introduced in December 2017.


He needs a uber cycle forge to be great either DR or CD even FB isn’t bad, but if not then you need to refine or double refine almost all items. Many other heroes are a lot cheaper to make winnable against any enemy. I’ve had an unbeatale Ajax for 3 war seasons now, as got bored with AP all the time.

I still find it strange they haven’t fixed Artemis thundercharge so that it actually is affected by CD perk. Until then I won’t progress her, as she depends so much on powers to defeat the good GK’s.

mine looks like this (couldn’t be bothered to post a vid)


The best things about an attacking hero are that he must cover all around warrior attributes to perform well against who knows what targets will show up. Attacking hero cannot excel at one thing. But he must rather excel at all attributes. Defending hero can excel on one attribute. And the attribute he excels on can kill anyone in his way with light speed. This is the first difference between one and another heroes. Obviously Perseus is an all in one defender. He covers all attributes as suggested by his build. He is a shield bearer. Has 8 items. So on. This is 100% not good. Because a defender covering all aspects, all attributes, cannot excel at one. Ajax is a shield bearer. Has 8 items. Again we see a dedicated defender. But we need a hero able to kill not to take hits. A gatekeeper with kill attributes is a gatekeeper with 6 or 7 or 8 items in equipment, which can withstand an average attack 40 seconds. And can kill in 2 seconds. It doesn’t mean good gatekeeper if he has more items. Aka 8. It means good if it kills before you know what killed you. So in theory Ajax or Perseus are very good ideas for people who have no money. And count on having the best defensive stats amounted on this 8 equipment set. It works also for people who have spent on their Gatekeeper, but had no time to fight themselves. No fights means no experience. It works also with FIREWALL players. Who hack their account imbuing their gatekeepers stats with millions of points. You see why you cannot break me… I have 8 defensive items. Good… plan. Works for me. I simply attack. But to kill is much harder. Because gatekeeper has infinite life… although cannot kill my attacking hero. Or am I wrong? Does not have infinite life? Then if it will not kill my hero… my hero will kill him. Very good plan. I said it works for me. My hero may not kill gatekeepers fast because has no equipment dedicated to kill only. Because attacking hero fights 3 minutes not 40 seconds. But if Ajax or whatever is that has only all around defensive attributes then… he is american pie :smile:

If you have doubts about my logical tree wait for me. I will find you 30 levels before I reach your own level.

Of course when I do something it’s because I cheat, and when you accomplish the same thing it’s because you are great. You are our champs, we all know it.

When I first beat Bizantius’ GK, my Ajax had 33K damage. If you mind, you can scratch your head until there’s no hair left to wonder how it was possible. But I know that you can’t admit one thing: skills still matter :joy:.


Your Ajax looks really good but my Ajax build is completely different than yours ( I have only 14k leadership and about 620k health on him but damage is almost same) :slightly_smiling_face:
I haven’t refined his brooch, unique armour ,shield and boots but I am using two gold forged rings on him and silver refined weapon and gauntlets for him.
I know one more guy who is Ajax build is totally different from mine and yours but his Ajax some how beats these opponents faster than mine( which kind of bugs me a lot. So I am continuously working on mine to make more stronger)

With the introduction of refinement system ( only talking about normal refinement) players can now build strong heroes and GK which was not possible refinement system.


We can close this thread. The real thing is coming later :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.


Is a bold statement and I have to disagree, Marinien put max DR from cycled perks on his Ajax (not cheating, but without cycled perks would need a lot more damage) and thus all damage from strong GK’s went back to them, but what of a weak hitting GK with high health. Maybe you’d still get 40s spare if you’re lucky. Then do the same refines to Herc and Athena and you’ll have 1m30 left. Herc/Athena don’t need cycled perks, but with them they gain an extra min in time clearance. Percy isn’t as good as them, but if you’re going full DR then he’s probably better than Ajax, he’s also AP which Ajax will never be.

As for Artemis, she’s the weakest hero. Mine has been heavily refined with max lvl perks for some time, some double refined, and now with confirmation from Capt Morgan she will remain the weakest hero of course IMO.

I think that you @Philstar have a point here. Between Perseus and Ajax, health is the same. Ajax has an edge when it comes to damage output. But more damage isn’t always better. If the damage isn’t enough to kill the hero, and the hero has high DR, then it would turn against you.

On the other hand, a low-damage-high-health GK might not be a big problem for Ariadne or Cadmus (troops). In the end, it’s a question of taste.

Anyway, Eeestil had his point: Ajax is able to beat any GK. Maybe with 1mn left, maybe with only 30s left. Doesn’t matter (in the current system). A win is a win.

Can’t wait to see his videos of Artemis. And if he can really do it, there’s still one left, and she’s right on the top left of the forum’s screen :smile:.


Hahaha I will definitely make videos on Artemis and Helen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Add looped movement speed perk then he can auto 100% solo

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Is max DR effective enough to no longer require resistances?

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Actually DR is the best perk of the game.
If you can get even 30% DR on your Heroes you will get 30% resistance against all elements.(plus ability to reflect damage back too which instantly kills units and destroys structure)
I prefer DR perk over normal resistance but if you are unlucky and don’t find DR perk then you can simply invest in lightning,fire and poison resistance. This approach will also keep your heroes alive too.

I was using 66% DR on Ajax last year but I realised that I don’t actually need that much Dr.
So I just switched to his unique armor for more damage. Now I have only 40% and it still gets the job done.


Do non-shield heroes require max DR?

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If you can help, what is the max DR value a hero can have?

No, most of my heroes (shield or non-shield) only have a little bit over 30% DR and it’s fine.

Say, Ariadne doesn’t really need that much of DR. 30% DR and a little bit of physical resist then she can breeze through bases (Pheme helps). At the GK, I usually put her on the back of the GK so DR isn’t the most useful perk here.


The max value is 75% for DR.

The max values for other perks are
75% Cool down, 200%attack speed,35% demolition,75% frostbite,75% potency,90% for all resistance,75% stun,75% petrify, 75% regeneration.

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@HOLYDIVINE thanks so much for the response. It is truly appreciated!!!

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You can give them max Dr(I have max Dr on my some heroes), If you want.It is really good but I would advice you give non shield heroes a mix of Dr and physical resistance like 30%-30%.
It will help them greatly against Ajax GK.

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No problem mate, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: