Ajax is unbeatable!

@HOLYDIVINE I’ve watch your videos of Ajax. While your Ajax is very strong, I think that you could’ve used Shield Slam more often. It’s a very powerful spell which can reach some angled towers (that normally can’t be reached by the heroes) or destroy a tower and 1-2 barricades at the same time (at some point I destroyed a Triana tower and 2 barricades with 1 single Shield Slam).

Here’s an example of how to use Shield Slam effectively (and that’s why I can beat that GK so quickly :grin:):


Well done.

All heroes can be really good, if properly forged (assuming everything else is max, like powers/units). You can base your “plan” on your style and the hero. But the fact is, that some heroes, are inheritable better, and need less forging, or less super forging, again depending on what style you use. In other words, it can be easier to build some heroes than others, naturally we then call them “good” and those who are “naked” in the same situation, are called bad.

I’ve been doing 12 skulls with Artemis lately. I have not super or max forged her, but I have done good work on equipping her how I play. I use some gems on corners, but she doesn’t die as much as I thought she would (I think she died 1-2 times on 15 islands). Been also getting her 1-2 times per week, lately… I was kinda lucky the previous months, I think I didn’t get her for a long period of time. And now, she is ready to at least get the 12 skulls, so no points lost on fame.

It’s not easy to balance all heroes in the same way, but essentially, all heroes should be equal. I believe that’s the usual intent of the devs in all games. Some heroes require different kind of setup, which is actually proving that the game mechanics, work pretty well… You can’t go with the same setup on all heroes.


I don t know if Im more surprised to see those amazing ajaxs , or the issue of showing videos about him , knowing the way of proceed of FG .

The risk that FG nerfs ajax again ( as it happenned in the past) , it is too real , yes , I know that it needs the complaints of the usual comittee of crying players , but this can really happens , I thought you were smarter

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They should nerf the cycle of perk process not individual heroes (Arty still needs a buff IMO, and Helen a damage buff IMO), means that players can get beaten by players prob 35-40 lvls lower if they’ve cycled perks. 20 levels used to be the sign of a good player. So now players of equal lvl, means attack is far superior in every aspect.

And before someone tells me that’s what I wanted etc, etc. No…I couldn’t believe FG would actually let that happen after the chain forging complaints over a year ago.


I do use shield slam but mine doesn’t do much damage against structures like yours do(Yours destroy nyxs in one hit :scream: while I have to use slam and whirlwind). I guess your shield slam must be maxed out or you are using high potency on Ajax or maybe both.
For now I only use shield slam against nyxs or else risk getting dying.

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FG won’t nerf Ajax or any other hero.The reason why I made this post with videos is because most players think Ajax is trash or completely unusable.You can also search the forum for such articles (just type Ajax in search bar) and you will come across at least 20 different articles complaining about Ajax ,Artemis, Prometheus being weak.(Surprisingly most of these posts are made by same players😅)

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I absolutely agree with everything you said friend. I have been telling other players for over a year that any hero can be great especially after the introduction of refinement system.
I just want to show you my videos of Artemis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I can actually do twelve without invocation and she also doesn’t die😂.

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Yes, Shield Slam must be maxed out. Actually, it’s the first power of Ajax that I maxed out.

I don’t have any potency perk for my Ajax, since Frenzy provides a lot of potency itself (up to 56% at max level). But you need to use Shield Slam (or any of the other 3 powers) during Frenzy phase if you want to one-shot most Nyx. Sometimes against some very high enhanced Nyx I also need Whirwind to finish the job.

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