Ajax makes me wanna puke!

Ok so here are the facts from my personal experience:

I use almost all heroes every day to attack a variety of bases (except generally Arty/Ajax). I know how to play OR and rarely use invocs (maybe 1 or 2 a day )…

My Ajax has some high lvl powers going beyond the old max lvl, but not max. Items are all titan lvl ( have unique but am not using yet or ever!) and either my current lvl (145 or maybe one lower) The troops I use are max lvl with between 15-25% oddessy bonus so they aren’t that weak.  But when I attack a badly designed base that is not even near max, Ajax fails miserably.

My conclusion is he’s so bad!!! He makes me wanna puke to be honest! The most useless hero but light year…the rest don’t even come close to Ajax’s ineptitude. 

If the undefeatable  Ajax of legend was remotely real his ghost would surely be walking the FG headquarters, really pi*%ed at how he had been portrayed in OR.  

There have been numerous solutions over the months/year, even a good one from Dumpster (yes really) to add a power slot for regular powers.

I would like a choice before the start of the battle to add an elemental modifier (of your choice) to his normal attack adding 50% of that element. (he did after all receive a blessing from Poseidon or some other god)

Just so badly needs a fix or he’ll continue to be Ajax the librarian (permanently on wisdom island)

Other things that could improve ajax:

  1. make whirlwind like a ghostly copy of ajax that spins around randomly, not ajax himself. Meaning, he could cast whirlwind and then back away, or use other spells, or do anything besides wait for the spell to finish. Alternate, shorten WW duration but keep total damage the same. Alternate 2, don’t disable LoH or any other perks during spell animations, and this goes for all spells with locked animations. 

  2. give players a visual indication of where beam and cone spells are being aimed before they fire. In the absence of direct player input, lock shield slam to the nearest tower or barricade and lock charge to the highest threat target in range, enemy or structure. Or, and this one is clunky and I don’t really like it, but it would work, freeze time briefly after you push the SS/Ch spell button, allowing the player a second to target without distraction. This stuff would work for Artemis spells too (I still don’t really like the freeze time solution).

  3. maybe I’m crazy, but ajax doesn’t seem to stay focused on a single target as often as the other heroes. Like you can be attacking a tower and a unit comes by, and Ajax will turn around to attack the unit. Other heroes don’t do that. Is this just me? Does this happen for anyone else? 

  4. redesign charge. Give it a shockwave with Damocles range so it can hit extended range towers, or really allow it to re-position ajax. Right now it moves you, but it’s so slow that you get to where you’re going in the same time it would take you to walk. Let it charge you over barricades so you can take out protected threats, or jump the path, or do something really unique and interesting instead of moving a few steps, if you’re lucky in the direction you want to go, and doing mediocre physical damage. 

Totally agree with all 3 points above, and those suggestions would be awesome; great suggests @dumpster.

I find Artemis turns around at the crucial time too often for my liking. Firing off precious powers to nowhere. 

Ajax can be given frostbite and demolition as a passive perk too.(so that he can take advantage of this bug as can’t take advantage of frezny invocation bug?)

So that he can destroy bases in seconds like Hercules ???

I was actually thinking a passive 10% Damage Reflection for starters!

This is how you turn something good into non-repairable garbage… Later the same person who asks for this, will request a nerf again in some other post because his cups will be taken away by able players… Dejavuuuuuuuu… lol

In my experience, Firstly, even if ajax is given Demo and FB, it does not seem to activate like for Odysseus or Hercules. Need a check on that…

Secondly, the unique items given for Ajax, both are next to garbage. Nobody would use them. A change in those would be really welcomed… The charge power is really not doing anything… The amount of damage caused in it can be increased like 3x.

I think he was joking. 

And I don’t mind his unique items. I think potency is a great perk on a shield because it really doesnt interfere with another perk you’d normally want to use there, and his spells really do need extra damage to be effective. They’re weak. 

His armor is cool in theory, but you don’t get exceptional levels of weapon speed on it. Like with herc’s claws, you get 2x the demolition you’d find on a cursed demo item. But madness of Ajax just has a mediocre level of attack speed, kinda what you’d get from a non-forged titan item. That’s not exciting. It should be at least as much attack speed as a very top of the line max forged item for your level (this goes for current incarnations of the two cooldown uniques as well).

Hahahaha, i can use Ajax just fine.

If you can’t then maybe you should find some other game.

Also I was joking about that demolition and frostbite perks 

I know maybe one guy who can do a half decent Ajax at near top lvl. But having checked my battle reports, I haven’t seen an Ajax probably in about 6 months that didn’t use 50+ gems and only still manage 95%.  I even saw a Prometeus the other day (93% no gems ) which was due to positive improvement after last update. 


So can I… But, do u prefer to use him in the War? That’s the question. Players use heroes as per their play style. Out of all players in OR, less than a 1% even prefer to use Ajax…

Of all, he is least preferred, No point in having him like that just collecting dust.


I don’t think anyone in my alliance takes ajax to war. Or Artemis. We have every other hero represented. 

Yeah, that’s exactly the point we are trying to furnish. Why do we have a hero, if nobody prefers him? We get sighed, if we see ajax even in odyssey, poor Ajax. @Madlen

He’s more popular at lower levels but he’s not well equipped AT ALL to take on late game bases. That’s a bad design imo. 

Edit: I don’t mind him in odyssey because you can just rush the gate. He’s tanky enough that you can load him up with reflection and slog through as long as you don’t hit whirlwind by accident. 

Frostbite and demolition bug works on all heroes.

You can do test on that.

Also Ajax’s both unique items are good(although a little boost in thier values will be great). You should only know how use them properly.

I do use ajax on wars in past but nowdays I don’t have good items on him. So don’t take him to wars.

The only problem i see with him is his inability to kill gk as his all spell only do physical Damage.

Yes that is true most players don’t use them in wars.

But Artemis is really a good heroine.I only can’t use her properly on nyxs based defenses.

It’s not just this. He’s no good at all at keeping an army alive, both on the regular map and fighting the GK, so you’re really limited to one way to take down every GK (punch him in the face). If he could shield, heal, or buff his army you’d have a bunch of other options, but he can’t do any of those things (without using invos). 

Whew! Those aren’t popular at all ?

I’m sure with DR armour/shield/FB weapon/cape/demo wristwraps, he may well be pretty reasonable - but all that gear is cursed gear. I’ve never found a DR Ajax item in the whole time I’ve been playing. Maybe had an FB cape a long time ago.  Shouldn’t be dependant on having lottery luck to use this hero.

Below lvl 120 in God league wars you can probably use him, but new lvls added 100% heath to barricades which have 50% resistance to Ajax’s phys damage.

Which wouldn’t be the end of the world if he could keep phoenixes alive and take out nyx towers. Unfortunately…

I did complete the Titan level “kill x gk’s”  curse with Ajax. Let me tell you how much fun that was. 

I get more cursed gear for Ajax than anyone else. Ajax and Jason.