Ajax's Twirl

Maybe it’s just my laptop but the Twirl Spell that Ajax has is very hard to control. He seems to just slide all over the place and it’s extremely hard for me to advance to the building or troops I want to attack. So please, make his twirl more controllable

It’s not controllable at all. Using it can be suicidal in some circumstances. Ajax is in my bottom tier of heroes right now. 

Yeah buddy it works like that way.

It is not just his whirlwind spell but his all spells needs a major rework to make them a lot stronger.

And yes we have sugested some good suggestion for it too. 

Let’s see if FG wants to rework on Ajax or not.

Hi there,

We will discuss this change for a future version. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t remember well where I post that. I have write Ajax is so uncontrollable. In the past I got some problem on PC. When you start use Whirlwind its over. I think if you have a wireless mouse its more horrible. The Whirlwind stop in middle of the process or weird thing happen. If someone use Ajax better to use it on Auto mode. forget manual mode