Aki in PL = Disaster

I wasn’t going to participate in the ongoing PL, until BS event arrived, so I gave it a go for pearls to forge my SP and spells. I got first 10 100% with ample time left on each, 8th one failed but re-attempt was smooth. I had decent time to complete final 2 stages, on 11th I start off the raid, a little hiccup at the first u turn, but recovered till the 2nd u approached. I had an army of close to 6-7 vikings with a couple of mummies and a lone mortar. Now this Aki meets my army across the path, nothing I could do as it leaped from a barricade leaving no room to avoid it’s ability and it converts ALL my vikings except one, and even 1 mummy, so from an army I was down to 1 low health viking, 1 mummy, and 1 mortar, so I could only be knockedback into a frost tower and get killed. And in some videos, Aki manages to convert 1 mortar only. Is this even remotely fair? You cannot keep something that works on % **chance** in Pro League. A lot depends on chances but this is just ridiculous, and it is the differnece of my score being top 10 and top 80 now. <_<

I though eldrak was worse it insta kills all the vikings 

Eldrak will kill all vikings for everyone. Aki will not convert the same number of vikings for everyone.

as the queen says “YOU are the KING! You need to be strong. You are our role model”
maybe the vikings thought you were not strong enough so they were converted easily :rolleyes:

its real to beat Aki KK

i did it. but was fucked up 1 second near gate)

its 11 level nothing strange its hard

I don’t think KKStar has issue with level 11 being hard, its that Aki can be easy or hard depending on luck.
If might have been easy for you if he only converted one of your troops, but if he converted lots, i bet your Aki would not have been so easy.

what are the strategies for Aki anyway? i usually either push him away from my troops bring his health down with some spells. And / or if TC ready use that and push him into troops to kill fast. KKstar mentioned no way to avoid ability, is there a way to avoid his ability? push him into troops after he casts?

maybe they can change him to be a little less random, mix / max amount (or max morale total) of converts rather than chance for each unit.

Better rush ahead and solo Aki

My issue is Aki’s random ability. If they make stage 11, ten times harder, it’s for everyone, but Aki is unpredictable, in my friend’s video, it did not convert any unit in army of 5 Viking and 1 mummy so…


Usual strategies are face with king head on till it casts ability and TC as you rightly said but in my raid, Aki met me straight over the path, Aki cleared the chokepoint after the first U turn in stage 11, where my mortars would be there, I assume defensive pyros and gargs got the better of them. So I was going right into the 2nd U-turn, it was a swift raid until then, Aki leaped and my troops on one side of path, Aki on the other side, it was of no use to scream and drag them away as Aki cast it’s power right away, and either way I go, Aki would still stand given my position since it was chokepoint path. Needless to say died, for me it was not possible avoid his ability, if I were to rush ahead and solo, don’t think those Vikings would have survived Frost Tower onslaught, neither would I. Well need to have troops to push him in :stuck_out_tongue:

As a means of compensation for the randomness, flare will give another 12 minutes during the last 5 minutes of the league. =P

Luck is part of PL with or without Aki…although it is a ‘skill’ event but we all know exploits cheats and luck will be always a part of this event and it is impossible to 100% discard these things out of PL or the game itself, which is sad and not FG’s fault imo, not entirely at least…