Aki stats confusing ... FIXED WITH 4.1

So I have now startet forging the Aki shoes, and there are some strange values shown. It reads that it adds 216% confusing change (well, I did not think, this is correct) but under the stats of the Pal I see - when equiped - another +0% … Can you explain this?

Looks like a comma is missing. Probably means +2,16%. Since it’s 54,2% after equipping it

I would prefer 216% or at least 21.6%  :wink:

2,16% is also wrong - this would be 53,1 then - but it actually is 54,2.

Hey orko, thanks a lot for noticing this. We’re gonna have a look at it :grinning:

52 + 2,16 = 54,16 (rounded to 54,2)


I didn’t know the pal screen changed when those items were equipped.

Good to know. 

Ok, so it adds this percentage and does not increase the precentage of the skill at all. Seems legit.

Then, there is really just a comma missing.

And the green +0% is wrong there.

This one can be closed. I can confirm it is fixed in version 4.1

Same to Archimedes cape, it is totally wrong !! Someone please fix this !!