Aliance Auto Donation

Hi there.


I’m playing this game daily, but I bet you at some point I forgot to donate to my alliance. I did not forget on purpose, it just happened. I realize that You probably made this to draw people back to the game, but you could make tha auto donation feature in a way that the auto donation is only made when you enter the game. Like this:

I enter the game and the game-engine goes, was last donation more then 24 hours ago? Y/N. If yes then donate, if not then no donation.


Thats It


Regards Tricubed

Yup, donations should bt notified to the users. Many a times I too forget i have to donate.

Also we need auto-play, auto-pay, and auto-win buttons!

Haha… I’ll settle with auto donations. :slight_smile:

But you do get the flashing light of the alliance button, if your donation is due?

When it was bugged, i forgot the donations, too, but with it functioning properly

i don’t. There is additionally the light on the alliance tower to help you not missing

your donation.