Aliance donations

Hello partners. I need help. Some colleagues in my alliance say they only have 2 options in donations. The daily donation and the one that costs money. They say they do not have the option of extra donation using the 750 gems. Is that possible? or are they lying? Because it can be? Thank you

You need to make a purchase before you can donate gems 

Thank you

they don’t lie i also have just two option on donation regular and with money no gems option this game is not same on every device i don’t have game option donation i cant watch video for free chest and i don’t have mortal mode when you won to look your mountain and i don’t have record option , lot off stuff mixing in my Microsoft mobile device 

Have you ever bought gems?

no newer , so when you bought games than that option will open ??


The option to give gem donations opens up after you make a purchase. The reason for this is pretty simple. You get a bunch of gems when you start, and you’d be able to make a million new accounts and donate all the gems if there wasn’t a control on it.

The mortal mode is exclusive to newer apple devices. It’s an apple protocol and doesn’t work on other platforms.

Recording in-game was removed from all platforms a while ago. iOS and i believe android have built in recording software, and I’m sure 3rd party recording software is available for windows. The in-game solution was always buggy and nobody really misses it.

thanks everuone helpfull information