Aliance new rank and maybe new updates

So… there are 3 ranks as we know: Soldier, General and Leader, but there is a problem… Soldier can’t do nothing, general is almost like a lider and the lider is… the lider ? . So i was thinking that… we need a rank who can invite others in aliance, but not like a general with more atributes like removing players from aliance, manages the flag and stuff like that. We need a rank that can let the players invite others players in aliance, so they can help the lider and don’t mess the aliance.

And with this new update… the upgrade cost for the aliance building with gold is expensive. Maybe you can add sth like… when a player attack someone 0,5% or 1% from his gold he get can go to the aliance gold. I think 1% is not that much but it helps when there are 15-20 players who attacks. It’s just a ideea ?

I hope you can add the first one at least☺

I really don’t think we need any more ranks in an alliance. If there’s one change we need in the ranks, it’s to make the Generals have a little less power than the leader. Right now they are basically on the same level! The only difference is that the Leader can demote and promote players. One of the attributes of a general should be removed I think, or maybe add an “Ask Leader” button when kicking a member. Just an automatic game response to make sure the Leader knows what you’re doing 

i 'd like that all members can invite new member so all can help the alliance sometimes is very hard find new members.

Also could be nice to know who have active the boost or make the upgrades like when you are in war and the game notify us who make the attack

And also i would like that just the leader can upgrade the alliance level, is so frustrating  when we were saving gold for war or something else and new generals upgrade the alliance just because the button is shining and they touch it -.-" 

Somewhere i read a post where somebody suggest add something that allow the leader choose what responsabilities have each general. 


Well, you wouldn’t want this, as the Generals are selected for this job by the Leader because becoming a General means that you have earned the Leader’s trust. Having all the members be able to invite may end up in hurting alliances, so I think it’s better to leave this part alone for the moment

We have been asking for this for a long time and we got something like it back in early December, I think, where you can see how long it has been since a player has been online. But yeah, definitely, this suggestion would certainly help alliances

you  are right, sometimes is annoying know that your members have been inviting members of other alliances

I don’t think its necessary to have new ranks. Soldier, general and Leader is enough. I don’t want to have like OR who make think so complicated with Foot Soldier,Veteran,Officier,General,Founder,etc…I play OR since over 2 years and still don’t know what each ranks do. Its more confusing than helping

Exactly, once you get more ranks it can only make things more confusing. I prefer the idea that the Leader decides what the generals can do