Aliance tower upgrade price

Hello Guys,


Upgrading alliance towers requires gems and wait time with a free worker.


The price seems to be too high.


I am at level 5 and upgrading to level 6 with 150 gems(50 for earlier level so 200% rise). Thats way too high.


People will be ok to donate gold to alliance but the amount that they can donate freely per day is tied to their alliance tower level. So f2p players will have hard time with this.

I thinks the price should be drastically reduced. 150 should be for the max level tower i guess (10 from some other post).


What do you say? I guess max tower should be 375 gems(diamond league win)


Flare please reduce it soon, or else if you reduce like dungeon times after main players already finished they will be very upset.

Upgrading to level 7 is taking 400 gems and 2 days way to expensive

Upgrading to lvl 9 tommorow cost 1000 gems, u just win leage, no need to make it lower gems cost.


Holy crap! That’s another very thoroughly thought through cow for flare

I dont understand the price increase.


2, 10?, 15, 30, 50, 150, 400, 800, 1000, 2000??


What is the logic here?


And definitely way too expensive i guess.

If we even win leagues save gems for alliance tower we cant use scrolls we cant use gold shield like this it will take 10 years to max my base


You seem to be good with prediction/estimation.


10 years to max base. 52 raids to next level etc. :slight_smile:

I’m not bothered about cost of alliance, I knew from the get go it was aimed at the players that have everything already. It’s about keeping the spenders spending. I fear that they are so reliant on the top peoples revenue that it’s a one shot opportunity for flare, those angels want to see a return, and if they don’t deliver…


I personally would go for numbers simply because they’re potential customers, and more likely for rapid growth. Right now it’s the same people bumping up their facebook likes.


I just feel with all this alliance stuff the actual gameplay is taking a backseat.

I am sure more features with add more fun to it but what you said is correct. Flare needs to make money and they are and I am happy for them.

I agree the price is way to high you would have to win 1st. place in the league 3 times just to have 1,000 gems for the level 9 tower and each league is 2 days long so were looking at 6 days just to get the gems considering you win all 3 straight ! Then once you do have the gems you add the wait time for that build, what are we looking at here almost 2 weeks wait time ?

diamond league is 3 days.

No big surprise the highest levels are expensive. That’s no different for the other buildings/towers! (Only another currency.)

You want it maxed, you gotta earn it…

I hadn’t expected costs being that high and I definitely don’t like it.



No difference? Gems are much harder to get than gold. You can easily get 10 million gold upgrade just using one day gold shield (45 gems). But 2000 gems? That’s too high.


Big difference in uneven increase also. For towers its is either 500k increase then 1mil then 1.5mil like that some pattern will be there.

First you got 2500 gems from dangeon,

Second when u win leage 10 times you get 1000 gems

3- when you lvl 80 you get 1000 gems.

4- when you get all epic items you get 1000 gems.

Totall: 5500 gems :slight_smile:

I saved them, and waited for the update :slight_smile:

The price for the max tower equals about 4 - 5 legendary items from Grannys shop.

That should be about the same ratio as for other towers payable in gold.

And besides that gems can be saved up until you can afford the upgrade - they don’t get stolen like gold does, so you have lots of time.


There’s neither a rule that towers have to be cheap nor that the price increase has to be equal for all towers in the game…

If it was eazy than whats the fun in the game?

Going by your argument, If flare reduces the gem value later for alliance tower upgrade like how they reduced the dungeon level dug out time then I have every right be upset.


Also for lot of people who are already finished with dungeon and all the quest you mentioned.

Carefull what you wish for…

When you ask for the game to be made easy they just might do it!

And when its made easy for you, its made easy for the next guy as well.

How does that help you?

Changes should be made if there is an unballance in the game. Not just because it’s hard to reach higher levels.

I vote leave it be.