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Flare, please take care of extreme annoying alliance manipulations during war season, especcialy at season end. For example last season all of the wars were finished and we were left with 1 hour to wait for a season end (we hold a first place). Now some alliance dropped from 50 members to 3, which is below 8 and so it was removed from the season and its fiefdoms were randomly distributed between other alliance and we were moved to the second place. Right after this all members joined back the original alliance.

This doesnt make any sense! Please reply and take care. (For a reference - look at the war season of alliance “Ukrainian Heroes”)

Flare, Please reply! This is what about I wrote yestrday:

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| March 09, 2016, 21:06 +0200 |   |
| Hello! I’m the leader of Ukrainian Heroes - ingame oleksiy. Before the end of the season the players of the alliance “Рожденные в СССР” came out of it. Their fiefdoms given to enemy alliances, and we took the 2nd place, but had to be the first. Please fix the error and return to us the victory! Ready to give you replay. |

Wow sounds like a new way of revenge. I didnt know u could do this  :slight_smile:

This alliance should be suspended for some war seasons to teach them a lesson.

Why? They didn’t make the rules, fg did. If only this is happening in top 10 or 20 too, this could be the thing that finally can make fg change something in the flawed war system. Just like when fg start to limited 3 normal attacks on a player because many at the top level abusing the unlimited old attacks to strip and dump trophies.

Well, they’re abusing of the holes that Flare’s rules leave. but they unfairly affected other players with their action, so I completely support the idea that they should be at least suspended.

please clarify: did the alliance who dropped to three members lose all the fiefdoms? If so they have taken the worst penalty. This seems a sound strategy if your alliance has been put in a season where you are ridiculously outnumbered. I dont have a problem with it. If Flare want to make this more fair then the fiefs should go to the top three alliances and not randomly.

Maybe those fiefs were worthless for them, I mean, if they can just do that to their alliance on purpose then they don’t really care about them, so to lose those fiefs is not a penalty for them at all.

The reason they do it is to drop fiefs quickly in hopes of getting an easier war map with less fiefs.

My alliance has done that and we simply don’t attack, we don’t alter war results at the very end.

I think it’s more like the holes that fg made. They could have insert some string in the programming to prevent that, but they didn’t. Maybe they think we won’t ever use it? But i have a huge hunch that fg didn’t care about  it. When did you ever see fg thoroughly tested their app before releasing?? Now the new big update even bring more bugs. If you want to suspend those players that used what fg give them, then you better suspend flare’s devs too. 

To be more clear the situation described above - uploaded screenshots. We were on the 1st by skulls, but the Turkish clan got one more fiefdom of the Russian clan, who came out of the season.

We have two teams, but try to stay sportive towards team on our war maps. In the one we want to lose fiefdoms, we fight with just a few players to make war fun for opponents and ourselves. In the team where we are trying to win, we have less members due to some members fighting in the team that is losing fiefdoms. We don’t give up a war like that.

Maybe it’s better not to divide the fiefdoms under remaining members, just take them away and make them neutral fiefdoms. Since those fiefdoms are neutral, they can’t be attacked, but teams having fiefdoms touching it, should be able to declare wars and treat those neutral fiefdoms like they are theirs and attack from there. That would solve that problem.


Completely support this, but what about the result of this season?

Any update from this? Since this was already posted, most of the active members of other alliance might also do this one. Hope they could find a solution for this trick or bug.

Flare? Can you comment on this issue?

Ukranjnan heroes should be given all the war boosts for this season!

And next time an alliance drops out like this, the fiefdoms should be made empty, not transferred. An alliance could still attack nd win them but it ll take the normal amount of time. So no alliance will gain random fiefdoms.  Also the allaince doing so should get a penalty like all the chest rewards they earned should be cancelled!












this part is a good suggestion but i dont think anyone should be penalised or compensated for the current system. That is Flare’s fault not the alliances involved.

If flares allow this to happen, then it’s legal. Not fair in this case? Absolutely. But still legal.

Any alliance has the right to decide to lose their fiefdoms quickly. The division of the left fiefs among others is indeed an issue.

Flare, can we expect any comment from you?