All my targets are still just 3 trophies

I have dropped from 3200 to 2200 and still all the targets that appears gives me only 3 trophy.

Will this be fixed or not? 

My targets gives me minimum trophies and not even 5% of the gold I need for my next upgrades. So all I do these days will just be sitting around on islands and collecting every 8 hours. Not really worth doing anything else :/ 

I also see alot of 3 trophies… but unlike before these ones are beatable. Iam happy with it

Agree with crabz.

Found a target with 100 more trophies than me but guess what.

He still just gives me 3 trophies? ! 

All i have is 3 trophies too, but every time I log in I have lost 30-50 trophies yet I am at 2100 trophies and ascension 54. So I am below the 2500 they say I should be at.

If it helps, all I ever get is 3 trophies. I’ve attacked over a 100 times in one day been up 300 plus trophies only to lose all of those cups plus more overnight. Those attacking me can get 41 cups if they beat my defense not sure how many for a raid but it appears to be around 30 so it doesn’t take long to lose them with your buffs off for extended periods of time even tho your alliance maintains them 24/7. It appears the sweet spot is still lvl 20-40’s. If they would base the matching on trophies all this would be solved! You would see like ascension lvl at the same trophy range and not have lvl 20-40 mixed with lvl 100’s were we can’t  attack each other. As a result lower players have to attack higher players to win trophies and if they don’t change the matching system it not going to change. With the current system I would have to attack 24/7 to maintain my current position which would cost a ton of gems or gold to do and I’m tired of spending money on this game. It doesn’t matter where your at, you will have to spend money to improve. The thing is, as you move up its not going to be any better than where your at now. Your going to become a trophy farm for everyone below you, with no way of gaining or maintaining your trophy count. The game is going to get very boring. I think andyku has the right idea, just let them have it. No barricades or towers on his base currently just troops. 

Can I please have an official response on why a guy 100 trophies above me can just give me 3 trophies?  

I raided alot today what did I see everywhere?  3 trophies still. 

I’m ascension 62 and just 2300 trophies because I can’move up. 

Hello Macamus,

Could you please give me the name of this opponent?

As there is no log I don’t know.

However I will keep a keen eye on the correlation between players with higher trophies than me and how many I can get for raiding them from now on

Alysea, it’s nice to ask about player names but how about the players,  who are not in reading/posting here? The complete mechanism is crappy for all of the players and there is no light on the horizon I fear. Stop the release of so called “patches”, they make all worse as we have seen with the last few. I absolutely cannot understand how you are testing new sub-releases. Have the flare-team not yet encountered all the problems the community is affected? And if yes, how can you release such versions? 

Do you test in a kind of god-mode where everything is pink-clouded and unicorns with rainbows support your defense and each rainbow has a pot of throphies at it’s end?

Sorry guys, but I’m getting really tired of this … one step forward, two steps back.

I’ve seen several opponents who have more trophys that want to give me 3. 

Same - 3 trophies earned for almost everyone. Even for attacks on a player 10-15 levels ahead it is not worth the risk

It’s based on your opponent level as well, not just trophies. Today I attacked players level 88 and he had about 1300 trophies and I was able to get 9 trophies from him. My current trophies around 2500 and I am level 64. Been in this range for a while now, because it is hard to gain any on defense. Before this was not the case. 

And stil!! 

3 trophies only for every target I find 

Same here. I have probably attacked 50 or so opponents over the past couple of days. All of them give me 3 trophies per win. Not sure if this is intended.

Hey guys,

Up until now, the trophy system has been quite conservative, so that we can gauge the movement of trophies without making too big changes. At the moment a player needs to be quite far above you in the Hall of Fame before you win more than 3 trophies.

We will (very) soon introduce slightly higher rewards again, and begin moving toward a faster-moving system.

Thanks for the feedback.


I could not win a match with my new lvl 1 hero … It was only possible to win 3 trophies but I ended up losing 19… This is a joke

You should not be able to lose more then it’s possible to win…

The problem with the 3 trophy issue is that in order to get >3 trophies they have to be both higher trophy AND higher Ascension level. I’ve experienced it a dozen times where I beat a top 10 player and, you guessed it, 3 trophies and that’s because they keep their Ascension level low. Most recently I beat Apache777 ranked #8, which was actually quite easy given his low Ascension level (I’m ranked 70 something). Same result.


It also makes the game quite dull because you spend all day fighting, maybe get 50 trophies or so 3 at a time, and wake up and whoops they’re all gone. You’re just another stop on the eternal waterfall of down flowing trophies. 


Some solutions would be to match, as suggested in other threads, based on an algorithm that gives you some islands based only on Ascension lv so that you have some similar defensively matched people around you, but also sometimes based solely on trophy level, so that a lv 65 person gets the chance to take on a lv 28 player in the top 10 and, of course, obliterate their meager defense. And by beating someone of higher trophies, they should get bonus trophies for that. 


The current trophy system is at the heart of why nobody raises their Ascension level, and why alliance ranks are just based on how much money they spend, given that with low Ascension levels, nobody has a high Hall of Uranus and nobody donates anything substantial to alliances unless it’s with gems.